March Madness Heats Up with North Carolina’s Big Move

North Carolina just launched online sports betting. It kicked off on March 11. Now, fans can place bets on their favorite pro and college teams. This new option is huge for the Men’s ACC Basketball Tournament and March Madness. It’s especially cool for folks in South Carolina and Georgia. Why? They can’t bet legally at home. But they can hop over to North Carolina and get in on the action.

Betting Across Borders

Anyone 21 or older can legally cross into North Carolina and place a bet. Think of it like a trip to Vegas. There, betting is part of the fun. Van Denton from the NC State Lottery Commission made it clear last Tuesday. He told The Rock Herald, “The North Carolina sports wagering law does not have a residency requirement. A South Carolinian would need to be present in North Carolina, at least 21 years old and not otherwise prohibited from wagering.”

Still, don’t think you can make an account in North Carolina and bet from back home. Robert Kittle, from South Carolina’s Attorney General’s Office, pointed out, “Online gambling is illegal in South Carolina, regardless of the law in North Carolina or any other state.”

North Carolina sports betting apps check where you are. They make sure you’re in a place where betting is okay. Of course, some people try to get around this. For example, Kansas City Chiefs fans tried to bet from Missouri during the last Super Bowl. They didn’t cross into Kansas, where betting is legal.

Georgia’s Eyeing the Game

Georgia might let sports betting happen soon. The first of two bills is moving through the House this week. But until it’s a go, Georgians have North Carolina as an option.

NCAA Tournament Buzz

The Men’s NCAA Tournament is a big deal in South Carolina. The University of South Carolina and Clemson both snagged No. 6 seeds. The Gamecocks will play Oregon this Thursday. Clemson takes on New Mexico on Friday. And it’s not just these teams making waves. The College of Charleston won its way into the tournament too. On the women’s side, South Carolina is a top pick. They’re starting the tournament in Columbia, on their own court.

Georgia might not have teams in the tournament. But, with North Carolina sportsbook promos, fans there have plenty to get excited about.

Betting Big on March Madness

The American Gaming Association has some big numbers. They say about $2.72 billion will be bet on the NCAA tournaments. With millions living in North Carolina’s neighboring states, many will head to North Carolina to bet.

Even though the University of Georgia isn’t in the NCAA tournament, they’re playing in the NIT. They’re up against Xavier this Tuesday. And with North Carolina sportsbook promos, Bulldog fans can still bet on their team if they make the trip.

North Carolina’s Betting Scene

North Carolina’s move to allow online sports betting is a game-changer. With North Carolina sports betting apps, placing bets is easy and fun. And for newcomers, there’s more good news. You can find North Carolina sportsbook promos. These offers make betting even more exciting. One to look for is the BetMGM North Carolina bonus code. It’s a sweet deal for first-time bettors.

So, as March Madness takes off, fans in South Carolina and Georgia have a great reason to visit North Carolina. They can enjoy the thrill of betting legally. And with big games on the horizon, it’s the perfect time to get in on the action.

✅ Fact Checked on March 28, 2024 by Oliver