I’m not skeptical. I understand that it’s unlikely for Santa to bring us a North Carolina sports betting Christmas miracle with a January launch by coming down the chimney. However I still have hope and faith. I’ve created an NC sports betting Christmas wish list.

To clarify I’m not asking for something like a luxury car in the driveway. A few things that can bring happiness and positivity to all legal bettors in the Tar Heel State throughout the upcoming year.

Having observed the ups and downs of the US North Carolina sports betting market there are five gifts that I believe will make the North Carolina online sports betting launch the exciting event of the year.

Enhanced Sports Streaming Through North Carolina Sports Betting Apps

Some operators have already integrated software into their North Carolina sports betting apps that allow users to watch NFL games with helpful betting information displayed.

What I desire is more; more North Carolina sports betting apps offering this technology more sports to place bets on and more sophisticated betting overlays, with real time data.

Whether this improvement comes through Genius Sports or ESPNs new “Bet Mode ” I hope Santa can ensure that his elves work diligently on implementing this technological advancement without delay.
I don’t want to continue paying for streaming service subscriptions and regional sports networks just to watch my local teams. It’s frustrating and expensive.

Another important aspect is the reliability of North Carolina sports betting apps. It would be great if they function properly from the moment they’re launched without any crashes or technical issues.

I still remember when New York introduced their market in 2022. The excitement of being able to claim North Carolina sports betting promos from DraftKings, FanDuel and BetMGM North Carolina quickly turned into disappointment as users couldn’t log in deposit money, access promotions or receive payouts.

Just imagine the frustration of a child opening a remote controlled car but realizing there are no batteries for the remote control and all the stores are closed. Lets avoid situations because they leave lasting scars on peoples experiences.

Furthermore its disheartening to see sportsbooks canceling bets simply because bettors are winning. While there may not be any rules against it it feels insincere when those same sportsbooks celebrate big wins that were achieved using their own products.

Lets hope that regulators, in North Carolina pay attention to this practice and prevent sportsbooks from limiting successful bettors opportunities.Circa Sportsbook, a book that prides itself on accepting all bets and bettors has not yet announced any plans to launch in North Carolina. However its potential presence could provide some comfort to bettors in NC knowing that they will always have a place to play.

Lets be honest its challenging to bring joy when we have to inform people that they can’t participate in our game.

Exceptional Customer Service

We all hope for a launch in North Carolina but we must also anticipate a few hiccups along the way.

I genuinely hope that all operators have taken the steps to offer efficient customer service for bettors who require assistance.

Whether its an app crashing or a deposit delay I wish that the individuals handling our calls and emails do so with enthusiasm (even if its happening during spring).

May they keep in mind that many of these individuals are new to sportsbooks and might find the app interfaces and various offerings overwhelming.

Here’s, to customer service departments striving their best to meet customers needs by responding and providing follow ups when necessary. [raises glass]

Govener Cooper Placing the State’s Bet on UNC to Win

Sure the governor mentioned that he would place his bet on the Carolina Hurricanes to win the Stanley Cup. It’s a choice considering how strong the ‘Canes are and how much support they have from our state.

However lets indulge in a bit of thinking for a moment. Wouldn’t it be exciting if Governor Cooper added some competition by placing a bet on his alma mater the UNC Tar Heels, in the NCAA tournament? Just imagine him sharing a tweet with his winning betslip while celebrating as the Tar Heels cut down the nets. It would definitely bring us all joy.

Lets not forget that if he goes ahead with that bet we’ll be right in the midst of March Madness allowing North Carolina bettors to enjoy two thrilling weeks of sports action.

✅ Fact Checked on January 27, 2024 by Ken Weaver