Have you heard about the upcoming game on Sunday? The Carolina Panthers, who have only won one game and lost eight, will play against the Dallas Cowboys, who have six wins and three losses. Everyone is talking about whether the Panthers can win this big game, especially because it will be in front of their home fans.

The Panthers haven’t been doing so well when they play against teams that have won as many games as they have lost or more. They’ve only won once and lost six times against such teams. On the other hand, the Cowboys are doing great! They’ve beaten most teams that haven’t won a lot, with a score of six wins to one loss. The one game they lost was a surprise to everyone when they played away from home against the Arizona Cardinals.

People betting on the game have already decided that the Cowboys will probably win. The betting websites say the Cowboys have a big chance of winning by more than 10 points. But people are wondering if the Panthers might have some surprises for us and manage to keep up with the Cowboys, at least for a bit during the game. With North Carolina sports betting apps not yet available, fans will need to turn to options like BetMGM North Carolina to get their bets in.

The Dallas Cowboys and the Carolina Panthers have played against each other 13 times before, with the Cowboys winning 10 of those games. However, the Panthers have won two out of the last three times they’ve met. The last time they played in the regular season, the Cowboys won the game at their home stadium.

Even though the odds are stacked against the Panthers, a win is not impossible. They have the advantage of playing at home, and they’ll be coming into the game wanting to show everyone they can do better. Fans are hopeful that when North Carolina sports betting becomes legal, there will be great promos to take advantage of.

So, keep an eye out for what happens in this game. We know the Panthers have had a tough time this season, but every game is a new chance to turn things around. And who knows? Maybe this Sunday, they’ll surprise everyone with how they play. Don’t forget to stay updated with all the sports news and see which teams are making moves and which players are standing out. Plus, you can look forward to when North Carolina sports betting becomes legal, as there will be lots of promo codes to take advantage of!

✅ Fact Checked on January 16, 2024 by Ken Weaver