Big Changes in North Carolina’s Sports Arenas

In Charlotte, North Carolina, sports fans are buzzing with excitement. The Spectrum Center, where the Charlotte Hornets play basketball, is getting a big makeover soon. This fancy update is costing the city a hefty $215 million, but it’s worth it to keep the Hornets playing at home until at least 2045. One of the cool new things about this renovation is that it may include a place right there where fans can bet on sports using North Carolina sports betting apps like BetMGM North Carolina.

The buzz started when the governor of North Carolina, Gov. Roy Cooper, signed a new law last month that lets pro sports venues in the state have their own spots for fans to place bets in person. The Hornets and other pro teams in the state really wanted this, and now it might happen. Fans may also be able to take advantage of North Carolina sports betting promos.

Also, there’s this new casino called Catawba Two Kings not too far from Charlotte. They’re getting bigger and will have a giant sports betting area when they’re done. This is just one of the three places in North Carolina where you can go bet on sports right now.

Checking Out Other Arenas

The Hornets’ big bosses have been taking trips to see other arenas all over the country. They’re getting ideas for their own renovation. They even checked out a place in Arizona where the Phoenix Suns play, and they have their own betting spot with FanDuel.

Now, Michael Jordan, a big name in basketball and North Carolina sports betting, is selling most of his share in the Hornets. But he’s not leaving completely. He’ll still have a smaller part in the team. By the way, he’s also a big deal at DraftKings, a company where you can bet on sports.

The actual work on the Spectrum Center is starting this summer, and everything should be finished by 2027. As for mobile betting on your phone, that might start as early as January 2024.

And That’s Not All!

It’s not just Charlotte getting an upgrade. Over in Raleigh, home of the Carolina Hurricanes hockey team and N.C. State’s men’s basketball, their PNC Arena is also in line for some new stuff. They’re thinking about adding more places to get drinks and maybe spots for vendor kiosks. And there are two more sports betting places run by Caesars at Harrah’s Cherokee Casino Resort and Harrah’s Cherokee Valley River on the other side of the state.

Is It Worth Having a Sports Betting Spot?

Ever since the big ban on sports betting was lifted five years ago, sports places have been teaming up with betting companies to have sportsbooks close by. Some places like Arizona, Illinois, Ohio, and Washington, D.C., let teams have these sportsbooks.

In Ohio, sports betting started this year, but not every team has jumped on board. In fact, only three out of eight teams have their own sportsbooks, and they haven’t been making as much money as they hoped. But teams are finding other ways, like online betting lounges, to keep fans happy and betting on the game.

In North Carolina, the three existing sports betting spots have been running since 2021. Caesars runs the betting at two Harrah’s locations, while the Catawba casino does its own thing. And keep an eye out here, where you’ll see all the latest news and promos for North Carolina sports betting.

Remember, this is all about having fun while watching sports, and if you’re old enough and in the right state, maybe placing a few bets. Always play responsibly, and enjoy the game!

✅ Fact Checked on January 27, 2024 by Ken Weaver