The Carolina Hurricanes had to wait a long time on draft night to pick a player because they did so well last season. Their first chance to choose a player was at number 30. With really good players like Connor Bedard and Adam Fantilli already chosen, the Hurricanes picked Bradley Nadeau. They chose him from a league in British Columbia instead of the bigger junior leagues.

Bradley Nadeau did really well last season, scoring a lot of points. He has a great shot that helps him score. But because he’s from a smaller league, he will need some time to get ready for the big leagues, probably a couple of years.

Even if he was picked late in the first round, Hurricanes fans can still be hopeful. There have been good players picked late in other years. Some players who were picked late in the first round are still working on getting to the big leagues. But if we look back at players picked in 2017 and before, we can find a few who did really well.

For example, Eeli Tolvanen was picked at number 30 in 2017, and now he scores lots of goals for the Seattle Kraken. He’s good at using his shot, especially when his team has more players on the ice during a power play. He’s similar to Nadeau in that way.

Another great pick was Tage Thompson in 2016, chosen at number 26. He’s been amazing in the big leagues for the last two years. Thompson shows that sometimes you need to wait for these players to get better in the minor leagues. If people could pick again from his draft year, he would be one of the top five chosen.

Then, there’s David Pastrnak, chosen at number 25 in 2014. He played in Sweden before coming to the big leagues. He was ready faster and scored 34 goals in his third season. Someone more like Nadeau might be Adrian Kempe, picked at number 29. Kempe spent a couple of seasons getting better in the minor leagues before he played a whole season in the big leagues in 2017-18. He is now doing great, scoring lots of goals.

So, Bradley Nadeau might not make a big splash this year like Bedard or Fantilli might, but there are plenty of stories about players who were picked where he was and ended up doing really well. Fans of the Hurricanes are crossing their fingers that their team has picked a player as good as Adrian Kempe.

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✅ Fact Checked on January 16, 2024 by Ken Weaver