The Carolina Panthers football team might trade Brian Burns, a really good player who helps stop the other team’s offense. We looked at the Panthers’ plans and who might want to trade for Burns. We think some teams might want him to help them get to the playoffs and maybe even win the big championship game called the Super Bowl.

The Panthers haven’t been doing well lately. Just last year, they traded their top player on offense, Christian McCaffrey, because he couldn’t play much due to injuries. They got some good picks for the future in the draft, and they used them to pick new players like quarterback Bryce Young and another player who tries to stop the offense, D.J. Johnson. The team hopes Young will be an amazing quarterback for them.

But this year isn’t going great either. The Panthers lost their first six games and are at the bottom of their group in the league. Right now, betting on sports on your phone isn’t allowed in North Carolina, so fans can’t place bets on their games.

With the time for trades almost here, it may be smart for the Panthers to trade their best older players to get more picks for the draft. That way, they can get new, young players to build a better team for the future.

Brian Burns is one of the team’s best. He’s only been playing for five years, but he’s really good at stopping the offense and has gotten 42 sacks. This season, he’s already gotten four sacks in six games. But he might not stay with the Panthers because they’re not winning, and other teams might want him.

Even though we think it’s most likely that Burns will stay, we also list the Baltimore Ravens and the Los Angeles Rams as possible new teams for him. We think there’s a 7.7% chance he could go to one of those teams. Other teams like the Jacksonville Jaguars, Miami Dolphins, and Kansas City Chiefs also might want him, but the chances are a bit lower.

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✅ Fact Checked on January 15, 2024 by Ken Weaver