South Carolina has a new plan to begin legal online sports betting through North Carolina sports betting apps, but it might not happen before North Carolina does. Representatives William Herbkersman and Todd Rutherford introduced a bill named H5277. This bill could make it possible to bet on sports through mobile apps and in stores. However, the bill needs to go a long way before it becomes true.

The South Carolina bill was given to the House Judiciary Committee. The committee will look at it and decide what happens next. South Carolina’s current law-making period ends on June 15. So, they have a short time to make this bill a law.

North Carolina is also working on its own online sports betting law. They have a bill called SB 688. It passed in the Senate last year, but the House still needs to approve it. This bill might allow more places, like sports stadiums, to have sports betting through BetMGM North Carolina and other sports betting promos. Governor Roy Cooper of North Carolina supports online sports betting. He wants the state to get more money from it. North Carolina’s tax rate for sports betting is 8%. This is less than other states like Virginia, Tennessee, and especially New York, which taxes at 51%. If North Carolina’s plan works, they could earn over $20 million in tax money from mobile sports betting apps.

Right now, people in North Carolina can bet on sports at two Cherokee casinos. The first time someone did this was in March 2021. A new casino near Charlotte might also let people bet on sports.

North Carolina looks like it might start mobile sports betting sooner. They already have a bill that’s partly approved, and they understand how it will work. North Carolina’s lawmakers will be back at work next month and already have a plan for more sports betting.

South Carolina’s new bill, H5277, is trying to catch up. If approved, it will let 8-12 mobile sports betting companies operate in the state. These companies would have to pay $500,000 to apply. They would also be taxed 10%, which is more than North Carolina’s proposed rate. The South Carolina bill also talks about using cryptocurrency for betting and allows betting on college sports.

In the South, it’s hard to make sports betting legal. But things are starting to change. Virginia and Tennessee only use mobile sports betting, Louisiana has both mobile and retail, and Mississippi has sportsbooks in stores. Louisiana took a long time to agree on sports betting. Mississippi tried to add mobile betting this year but didn’t succeed.

Other Southern states like Georgia, Kentucky, and Alabama talked about sports betting but didn’t make it happen. Florida tried to have mobile sports betting through the Seminole Tribe, but a federal court said no.

Before, Rutherford tried to make gambling legal in South Carolina with bill H3395, but it’s stuck in the Judiciary Committee since January 12, 2021. H5277 offers a faster way that might work. Now, South Carolina and North Carolina are waiting to see what happens with sports betting.

✅ Fact Checked on January 27, 2024 by Ken Weaver