Are the Carolina Hurricanes having trouble in the playoffs because they aren’t playing tough enough? Our team did some research to find out. We looked at numbers from and to see how many times each team hit and fought during the 2022-23 season.

The Carolina Hurricanes have been doing well in the regular season but haven’t done as well in the playoffs. They’ve made it to the playoffs five times, won a bunch of games, and made it to the Eastern Conference Finals twice since 2018. Their coach, Rod Brind’Amour, has helped them become a strong team. But they haven’t been as tough on the ice when you look at how many times they hit and fought compared to other teams.

Some people think that being tough and aggressive isn’t as important in today’s NHL as it used to be. The number of hits and fights has been going down every year. We checked out the most and least tough teams in the league.

The Carolina Hurricanes were almost the least tough team in the whole NHL, with only 1,351 hits and 5 fights. The Buffalo Sabres were the only team with fewer hits, and they also had very few fights. The Los Angeles Kings, Dallas Stars, and New Jersey Devils were also among the least tough teams.

But not being tough didn’t stop most of these teams from doing well. Except for the Sabres, Blues, and Red Wings, all the other teams made it to the playoffs. This shows that playing smart and disciplined can help you win games in the regular season.

The Hurricanes had a great regular season, scoring 113 points. Other teams like the Devils, Maple Leafs, Avalanche, Oilers, Kings, and Panthers also had strong seasons and made it to the playoffs. The Panthers even went all the way to the Stanley Cup Final.

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The Golden Knights won the championship by beating the Panthers, who had knocked out the Hurricanes. Even though the Hurricanes did well in the regular season and made it to the playoffs, some people are wondering if they should play tougher in the playoff games. Since they’ve had some trouble in the playoffs, maybe they should think about changing their style.

Remember, this write-up is meant to give you a clearer idea of the Hurricanes’ recent seasons and their style of play. Whether or not the Hurricanes should be more aggressive in the playoffs is still up for debate. It’s always exciting to see how teams adjust their strategies to succeed in the high-stakes environment of the NHL playoffs.

✅ Fact Checked on January 16, 2024 by Ken Weaver