Duke University’s football team is currently in search of a coach after Mike Elko decided to leave for a position at Texas A&M. During his time at Duke Elko achieved a record of 17 wins and only 9 losses. Now it is crucial for Duke to find a replacement who can maintain the team’s success.

There has been speculation regarding the candidates for the coaching position. We have compiled a list of coaches along with their odds of securing the job. One individual with odds is Jim Knowles, who currently oversees the defense at Ohio State. Knowles teams have demonstrated defensive capabilities consistently limiting opposing teams scoring opportunities. It’s worth noting that Knowles previously worked at Duke as well.

Another contender is Willie Fritz, the head coach of Tulane University’s football team. Under his guidance Tulane has experienced success, including an impressive victory against USC in the prestigious Cotton Bowl game. This season Fritz led his team to 11 victories and only suffered one loss.

Two other names on the list are Jason Candle from Toledo and Sean Lewis from Colorado. Both coaches share odds, with Fritz and have proven their abilities in coaching offense.

There are a few potential candidates worth considering, such as Scottie Montgomery, who currently works with the Detroit Lions and Curt Cignetti from James Madison University. They have shown accomplishments with their respective teams.

Additionally individuals like Alex Atkins, who contributes to Florida State’s offense and Kevin Johns, who is already affiliated with Duke could be options as well.

However it’s important to note that there is still a possibility for someone not included in the list to emerge as the coach. According to the website’s statistics there is a 40% chance of a candidate being selected.

Duke University seeks to secure a coach in order to maintain their winning streak and participate in post season events like “bowl games.” This was previously achieved under the guidance of Coach David Cutcliffe.

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The latest news making waves revolves around the appointment of the next football coach, at Duke University. The anticipation surrounding this decision has everyone eagerly awaiting the announcement!

✅ Fact Checked on January 16, 2024 by Ken Weaver