The saga of Baker Mayfields move to the Carolina Panthers has come to an end. The Browns traded him for a draft pick and now Mayfield will join forces with Sam Darnold as they vie for the starting quarterback role in the Panthers lineup. It’s not very common for two quarterbacks chosen in the same NFL Draft to find themselves on the same team and the last time this occurred was way back in 1980.

Lets take a broader view beyond just quarterbacks from the same draft. What happens when teams have two quarterbacks who were both selected in the round of any draft? Since 2011 there have been 17 teams. These teams saw playing time appearing in at least five games or starting at least two games each. However their overall performance hasn’t been particularly stellar. They managed to win 121 games while losing 152 often falling short of making it to the playoffs. On average these teams won seven games. Lost nine, per season. Furthermore their offensive prowess was rather modest usually ranking around 19th in scoring.

Lets now take a look at the recent five instances of teams having two first round quarterbacks;

In 2021 we saw Darnold and Cam Newton donning Panthers jerseys together. Unfortunately their combined efforts resulted in five wins and twelve losses.
In the year 2020 Washington had both Dwayne Haskins and Alex Smith as their quarterbacks. They performed better with a total of 7 wins. Similarly in that year the Jets relied on Darnold once again but this time they also had Joe Flacco on their team. Unfortunately they only managed to secure victory in 2 games. Looking back at the year 2019 the Titans had Ryan Tannehill and Marcus Mariota as their quarterbacks. With a total of 9 wins and an impressive playoff run they made quite an impact. Switching gears to the Giants in 2019 they counted on Eli Manning and Daniel Jones as their quarterbacks. Were only able to secure victory in 4 games.

Moving forward to Carolina in 2021 the duo of Darnold and Newton did not perform well together. They only managed to win a 4 games and collectively threw just 13 touchdowns. It’s worth noting that Darnold has previously been paired with another round quarterback before; back in 2020 he played alongside Flacco with hopes of improving his skills.

Reflecting on the Titans performance in 2019 again reveals that Tannehill and Mariota proved to be a successful combination for them. While Mariota started off as their quarterback for the season after six games they made the switch to Tannehill who helped lead them to victory in seven out of the ten games. Coming close to making it all the way to Super Bowl.

Typically when a team relies on quarterbacks like this it suggests that they are not satisfied with how their current quarterbacks are performing and are actively seeking someone better suited for the role. However there have been instances where such arrangements worked out positively. Like with teams such, as The Titans or even The ’89ers (San Francisco ’49ers) who boasted the duo of Joe Montana and Steve Young.The Panthers have hopes for Mayfield and Darnold but historical data suggests that success may not be likely.

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In summary having two drafted quarterbacks, on the same team is uncommon and does not typically result in many victories. However there have been instances where it has worked out successfully before which gives hope to the Panthers that it can work out positively for them well.

✅ Fact Checked on January 16, 2024 by Ken Weaver