In North Carolina, there was a big plan to let people bet on sports games through the internet using North Carolina sportsbook apps. This is called online sports betting. Everyone who knew a lot about this kind of gambling understood it was going to be hard to make it happen.

The story of why online sports betting didn’t work in North Carolina is a mix of different problems. Some people didn’t plan things well, or things took too long to decide. Some lawmakers didn’t want to take risks with North Carolina sports betting, or they just didn’t understand how gambling works now.

The end of spring was coming, and the government had to make quick decisions about North Carolina sportsbook promos. But they still couldn’t agree on online sports betting. They might try to talk about it again later in the year, but it’s not sure if it will happen.

Some lawmakers, like Senator Jim Perry, really wanted online betting to be legal. They said it was better to have laws and taxes for it. Right now, if someone in North Carolina wants to bet, they might go to websites that are not safe or legal. Making online betting legal would help the state have control over it and make money from taxes. Two other nearby states, Virginia and Tennessee, already allow online betting. South Carolina probably won’t do it before North Carolina.

The idea had some support from both the Republican and Democrat parties. But there were still many things to figure out. Like, how much money the state would make from taxes and what kind of bets people could make with a BetMGM North Carolina bonus code.

✅ Fact Checked on January 16, 2024 by Ken Weaver