The University of North Carolina’s football team the Tar Heels is starting their 2023 season with a ranking of number 21 in the AP poll. People are eagerly anticipating whether this could be their breakthrough year especially since it has been a decade since they last achieved 10 or more wins in a single season.

Mack Brown serves as the coach for the Tar Heels. This marks his fifth year leading the team since his return. Their high standing in the ACC is quite significant for them. All eyes are on them to see how they will perform, with the increasing popularity of North Carolina sports betting and North Carolina sportsbook apps.

Now let’s reminisce and reflect on UNC’s experiences when they began a season ranked within the top 25 teams. Surprisingly out of 20 instances where they started ranked they ended up losing their ranking by the end of the season on 14 occasions. This demonstrates that an initial high ranking does not always guarantee long term success.

The exceptional year for the Tar Heels when they began with a ranking was back in 1997. Under Coach Brown’s guidance they enjoyed a record of 11-1 before he departed to coach at Texas. Now after a span of more than 25 years he has made his return with the hope of assisting UNC in achieving new levels of success.

When we examine the statistics UNC has typically averaged around 7 victories per season when they begin ranked. Their highest record was 11 wins in 1997 while their lowest point was 3 victories way back in 1950. Consequently there is a range of possibilities for how the season may unfold.

As the football season commences the Tar Heels are set to face South Carolina on September 9th in Charlotte. This particular game holds importance for quarterback Drake Maye as he potentially emerges as the top pick for next year’s NFL draft. The speculation surrounding his chances of winning the Heisman Trophy is also generating interest.

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✅ Fact Checked on January 27, 2024 by Ken Weaver