In North Carolina there has been a setback for those interested in placing online North Carolina sports betting. The House of Representatives engaged in a five hour discussion but ultimately did not reach an agreement to move forward with an important sports betting bill. As a result it seems unlikely that online sports betting will receive approval this year.

The bill, known as SB 688 had already received Senate approval year but lacked sufficient support in the House. It required votes to pass yet only garnered 49 out of 101 votes. Additionally the decision was made not to send it for further consideration by the Rules Committee. This particular bill aimed to allow up to 12 different companies like Caesars North Carolina to operate mobile NC betting apps and impose an 8% tax on their revenues. Furthermore these companies would be required to pay a $1 million fee for obtaining a license and an annual fee of $100,000 for maintaining it.

There is another bill, referred to as SB 38 which was discussed by the House and resulted in equal division – receiving 51 votes in favor and 50 against. This bill is directly connected to SB 688. Proposes certain modifications such, as increasing the tax rate to 14% and raising the renewal fee to $1 million. However if SB 688 is not passed the future of SB 38 remains uncertain.

One significant change in SB 38 is its stance against allowing betting on college sports. Given North Carolinas enthusiasm for college sports prohibiting bets on games like ACC basketball or SEC football could potentially result in a loss of tax revenue for the state.

Earlier in the day there seemed to be some developments for both bills. They successfully navigated two committees in the House and garnered support before being discussed by the entire House. In fact both SB 688 and SB 38 received votes in the House Finance Committee during the morning session and later secured approval from the House Rules Committee in the afternoon.

These bills introduced some concepts. For instance they proposed including eSports betting and allocating funding to counties as well as Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) within North Carolina to support their sports programs. The state is home to eleven HBCU schools such as Barber Scotia College and Bennett College.

Prior, to this progress both bills had successfully passed through the House Judiciary Committee on Tuesday marking another step forward.

Currently individuals can only place sports bets in person at two casinos located in the western part of North Carolina. If these proposed bills had been approved and enacted individuals across the state would have had the opportunity to place sports bets using their smartphones.

The responsibility of ensuring the execution of online sports betting would have rested with the North Carolina State Lottery Commission.

However time is running out as the current legislative session concludes on June 30th and based on votes prospects for the sports betting bill appear grim.

Despite being a development for sports enthusiasts and bettors in North Carolina there remains a plethora of other sports related news and information available. For instance there are guides detailing how to bet on various sports such as NFL, NBA and NASCAR. Additionally individuals can find North Carolina sportsbook promo codes for different sportsbooks within North Carolina. Moreover discussions are taking place about odds pertaining to Nikki Haleys candidacy and various sports teams.

Therefore even though progress towards sports betting may be stagnating presently there is still ample content, for North Carolinas avid sport fans to engage in and eagerly anticipate.

✅ Fact Checked on January 16, 2024 by Ken Weaver