We conducted a study to determine the talked about celebrities, from North Carolina in the year. We compiled a list of the 10 individuals based on their search popularity using tools like AhRefs.com Keywords Explorer and Google Trends. In order to be considered a North Carolina celebrity the person had to have lived in the state for than 10 years during their years. The list includes celebrities, such as actors, singers, TV stars, comedians, dancers, athletes and internet personalities.

Here are the notable celebrities who garnered attention in 2023;

  • Michael Jordan. Hailing from Wilmington and securing the spot on the list is Michael Jordan. He gained fame initially by playing basketball for UNC in the early ’80s before skyrocketing to superstardom with the Chicago Bulls. Since 2010 he has been an owner of the Hornets basketball team. Beyond his basketball legacy he has ventured into endeavors like establishing a NASCAR team and developing a golf club. Additionally his involvement in producing “The Last Dance,” a popular Netflix show about basketball history has further contributed to his recognition. Moreover he has made contributions, towards social justice causes and healthcare initiatives. As North Carolina begins allowing North Carolina sports betting, it will be interesting to see if Michael Jordan gets involved in any BetMGM North Carolina partnerships or North Carolina sports betting promos.
  • Stephen Curry. Originally, from Charlotte he is an basketball player having secured four NBA championships during his career with the Golden State Warriors. People still reminisce about his shooting skills displayed at Davidson College. It’s worth mentioning that his father, Dell Curry is also a player for the Hornets. With North Carolina sports betting apps becoming legal, Steph’s fame and North Carolina roots could make him an intriguing figurehead for promotions.
  • Hunter Schafer. Hailing from Raleigh she gained recognition for her acting talents showcased in the television series “Euphoria.”
  • DaBaby. Emerging from Charlotte he has risen to prominence as a rapper in years.
  • Zion Williamson. Born and raised in Salisbury he made waves as a basketball prodigy while attending Duke University and now continues to excel in the NBA. As Caesars North Carolina launches their sportsbook, could we see Zion in any future commercials or North Carolina sports betting promotions?
  • Luke Combs. With roots in Charlotte he has successfully established himself as a singer within the realm of country music.
  • MrBeast. Originating from Greenville he has gained popularity on YouTube due to his endeavors and captivating stunts.
  • Chris Paul. Hailing from Winston Salem he is a basketball player who has graced multiple NBA teams with his exceptional skills.
  • Zach Galifianakis. Born in North Wilkesboro he is widely recognized for his talents as an actor. Has notably appeared in movies such, as “The Hangover.”
  • J. Cole, the rapper and record producer hails from Fayetteville. Among individuals who narrowly missed the top 10 spot in terms of fame are Eric Church, a talented singer; Ken Jeong, a well known actor; Drew Starkey, an actor, with considerable recognition; Randy Travis, a celebrated singer; and Madison Bailey, an accomplished actress.

Now lets address some asked questions;

Where was Michael Jordan born?

Although Michael Jordan was born in New York originally he moved to Wilmington in North Carolina at an age. He attended school there. Pursued his college education in North Carolina as well. Undoubtedly he stands as one of the figures associated with the state.

Is Steph Curry from North Carolina?

While Steph Curry was born in Akron, Ohio his family relocated to Charlotte when he was one year old. He grew up there. Completed his high school education in Charlotte.

North Carolina boasts not basketball or sports icons but numerous renowned individuals excelling in various fields. As North Carolina sports betting gains popularity, within the state boundaries it is certain that there will be excitement ahead.

Please bear in mind that this information is derived from internet searches and reflects discussions. Here are the top 10 celebrities, from North Carolina in 2023 revealing their popularity and fan base. This state has been a breeding ground, for individuals, including sports icons, music sensations and more. The publication date of this information is May 25 2023.

✅ Fact Checked on January 16, 2024 by Ken Weaver