North Carolina is renowned for its abundance of athletes. Many individuals frequently turn to the internet to gather information about these athletes. We conducted an analysis on the sought after athletes hailing from North Carolina. Our methodology involved examining search trends and data spanning from August 2022 to August 2023.

In order to be recognized as an “NC athlete” an individual must have been born or resided in North Carolina for at least 10 years during their childhood or teenage years. The website North Carolina sports betting compiled a list of the 10 most talked about athletes based on their findings.

Topping the list is Michael Jordan, a figure in basketball. Despite retiring two decades his popularity endures. With six championships under his belt five MVP titles and fourteen All Star game appearances he hails from Wilmington. Has been searched for approximately 2.4 million times on North Carolina sports betting apps.

Following closely is Stephen Curry, a basketball player representing the Golden State Warriors. His roots trace back to Charlotte. He has garnered around 1.6 million searches online on Caesars North Carolina. Zion Williamson, who currently plays for the New Orleans Pelicans and originates, from Salisbury accumulated 550,000 searches. Another notable figure is Chris Paul, also associated with basketball and affiliated with the Warriors; he hails from Winston Salem. Receives roughly 512,000 online searches on North Carolina sportsbook promo codes.

There are well known athletes from North Carolina worth mentioning. For instance we have Daniel Jones, a football quarterback for the New York Giants hailing from Charlotte. Hes been searched 326,000 times on NC betting apps. Another notable athlete is John Wall, an NBA player from Raleigh with 266,000 searches. Seth Curry, who happens to be Stephen Currys brother and plays basketball for the Dallas Mavericks also calls Charlotte his hometown. Has been searched 204,000 times.

Moving on to basketball player Brandon Ingram of the New Orleans Pelicans from Kinston; he has garnered 149,000 searches. Keenan Allen is a football receiver representing the Los Angeles Chargers and hails from Greensboro with 120,000 searches. Lastly we have P.J. Tucker as a basketball playing for the Philadelphia 76ers and coming from Raleigh with around 103,000 searches.

It’s worth mentioning some athletes who narrowly missed making it into the 10 list; John Isner as a professional tennis player; Dale Earnhardt Jr., a renowned NASCAR driver; Corey Seager serving as a baseball shortstop for the Texas Rangers; Todd Gurley who recently retired as a football running back; and Javonte Williams currently playing as a football running back for the Denver Broncos.

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Sports hold a place in the hearts of people, in North Carolina with these renowned athletes playing a significant role. Even though its been some time since Michael Jordan last played he remains incredibly popular. Other athletes also carry importance and boast numerous fans who avidly follow them and search for their online presence.

✅ Fact Checked on January 16, 2024 by Ken Weaver