The UNC Tar Heels basketball team is getting ready for a brand-new season, and there are going to be some fresh faces on the court. After a season that wasn’t their best, the team is saying goodbye to some players and hello to new ones. This is interesting to people who like to guess who will win games and who keep an eye on college basketball news.

Last season, the team didn’t make it to the big college basketball tournament, which was surprising because they were thought to be really good before the season started. Now, only four of the thirteen players who had scholarships are coming back. The coach, Hubert Davis, is changing the team to get better results.

Some older players have finished playing in college, but seven others decided to go to different schools. Because of this, UNC had to find new players. They brought in four new guys who used to play for other colleges.

Who Left the Team? One of the players who left, Caleb Love, played a lot and scored lots of points, but he wasn’t always shooting well. Puff Johnson, who was a substitute, didn’t score much, but he was an important player when the team needed a break. D’Marco Dunn and Dontrez Styles were both highly-rated high school players, but they didn’t get to play much at UNC. The other players who left didn’t play much either.

New Players Joining UNC has brought in four new players who used to play for other schools. These guys are Paxson Wojcik from Brown, Cormac Ryan from Notre Dame, Harrison Ingram from Stanford, and Jae’lyn Withers from Louisville.

Paxson played a lot at Brown and was good at scoring, rebounding, and helping teammates score. Cormac also played a lot at Notre Dame and could score and help. Harrison played a solid game at Stanford and had good skills for a tall guy. Jae’lyn, coming from Louisville, was really good at shooting three-pointers and grabbing rebounds.

These new players are taller guys who have been playing college ball for at least two years. They also scored way more points and helped their teams more than the players who left UNC.

Who Might Stand Out? The new players should help make the team better at shooting from far away and passing the ball more. Paxson, Cormac, and Harrison were all the second-best scorers on their old teams. They should fit in with the stars of UNC, center Armando Bacot and point guard RJ Davis. Jae’lyn can play with Bacot and help UNC have a strong team under the basket.

What Do the Guessing Pros Say?

The sportsbooks, where people bet money on games, are looking at the new UNC team and trying to decide how good they’ll be. They think UNC has a chance to win the big championship, but they also see other teams with better chances. And, UNC’s rival, Duke, is seen as an even bigger favorite.

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There you have it, the Tar Heels have new players, and it’s exciting to think about how they might do in the upcoming season. Fans and sports watchers will be looking forward to seeing which of these new guys will help the team the most.

Remember, nothing is certain in sports, but changes like these make for an interesting time for fans and players alike. Let’s look forward to seeing the Tar Heels in action and see how well the new team members do!

✅ Fact Checked on January 16, 2024 by Ken Weaver