Amidst the hustle and bustle of holiday preparations and new year plans the NCAA has experienced quite a month.

It all began Thursday when it was announced that Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker would step in as the organizations next president taking over from outgoing president Mark Emmert in March. However before the day was over the NCAA found itself facing another problem; their insistence on not paying athletes.

In a complaint filed on behalf of football and basketball players from the University of North Carolina the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) Los Angeles regional office recognized the validity of their claim that these players should be considered employees than exempt workers. Although this finding alone doesn’t change their status as athletes it does lead to a hearing before a law judge who will ultimately rule on the complaint.

Adding to these developments is another lawsuit at the Third Circuit Court of Appeals college athletes status. All these changes have implications for both the NCAA and its relationship, with the North Carolina sports betting industry.

So will we be welcoming Charlie Baker?Charlie Baker, a Republican who served two terms as the Governor of Massachusetts has been chosen as the president of the NCAA. He will be taking over from Emmert, who had been in charge of leading the NCAA since 2010 and has witnessed changes within the organization during his tenure.

Emmerts time at the helm has been defined by transformations with one of the most groundbreaking being the court assisted allowance for college athletes to profit from their own images. His departure leaves behind a legacy and it is unlikely that many believe the NCAA possesses the same level of influence it once had.

Bakers selection comes as unexpected considering he does not have a direct connection to collegiate sports. While there were speculations that the NCAA might turn to a politician or former politician for this role names like Condoleezza Rice ( Secretary of State) and Arne Duncan (former Secretary of Education) were often mentioned.

However Bakers appointment may indicate an effort by the NCAA to bridge gaps within Congress. He possesses appeal among both major political parties and could potentially secure legislative victories for the NCAA that proved challenging for Emmert.

As, for how Bakers presidency will impact North Carolina sports betting remains uncertain at this point. He served as Governor during the time when Massachusetts embraced sports betting.

However concerns have arisen at the level regarding the associations between educational institutions and gambling companies following a comprehensive four part series by The New York Times that examined these partnerships with a few select schools.

Senator Richard Blumenthal has written a letter to Caesars North Carolina urging them to cease their targeted marketing towards colleges and universities terminate any partnerships with educational institutions and adhere to industry standards that prohibit advertising to college students.

Does the NCAA possess data on this matter?

While there has been criticism of college collaborations with gambling companies it should be noted that the NCAA has also started allowing the sale of data to gambling companies.

Governor Bakers approach towards gambling matters remains uncertain. Gambling companies like Caesars North Carolina present an opportunity for sponsorship partnerships; however they also attract attention that may not be desirable as indicated by Senator Blumenthals letter.

Governor Baker might find himself having to negotiate trades as there are speculations that he will seek assistance, from Congress in resolving some of the emerging issues surrounding Name, Image and Likeness (NIL) in college sports. Partnerships related to gambling like North Carolina sportsbook promo codes may be a concern for Congress potentially raising First Amendment issues that we can delve into another time especially if the organization perceives them as a victory.

It is challenging to anticipate the impact of Bakers appointment as president on North Carolina sports betting since it may not be, at the forefront as significant changes take place. Nevertheless it is worth keeping an eye on partnerships in light of the skepticism generated by the New York Times article.

Could athletes recognition as employees and their potential formation of a collective bargaining unit have a significant influence on the North Carolina betting industry than simply having a new leader at the organization?

While we are still likely a year away from a resolution in the ongoing University of Southern California case that challenges certain college athletes status there is potential for unionization to reshape how college sports and the North Carolina betting industry interact. If athletes were to form unions, colleges and universities would need to engage in bargaining with them.

Similar, to sports these athletes would likely seek a portion of revenue generated from their sport and partnerships with the gambling industry like North Carolina betting apps could represent a significant stream linked to sport related earnings.
While receiving a portion of broadcast revenue may have an impact partnerships related to gambling could also be a valuable component of the compensation package for college athletes.

Currently it is difficult to predict the outcome of the changes in college sports. Although the gambling industry may not be, at the forefront as significant changes take place it is an aspect that will likely experience some effects from these changes.

✅ Fact Checked on January 17, 2024 by Ken Weaver