North Carolina launches sports betting on March 11. Betting apps and promos will aim to attract fans.

North Carolina Sports Betting to Launch March 11

The start date for legal sports betting in North Carolina is just a few weeks away, on March 11. Preparations have begun for interactive sports betting services and state regulations.

“It’s very real now,” said one gambling executive.

Many major sports remain for betting this spring, like the NCAA basketball tournament. The opening rounds held in Charlotte should excite local fans.

What to Expect

Several sports betting operators and apps will likely offer services, wanting North Carolina sports betting market share. With regulation, the state also benefits from tax revenue.

“It’s now easier to place a bet than get an Uber,” said analyst Shannon Sommerville. Apps make betting extremely accessible. Fans can wager during live games.

State Tax Revenue

No one knows exactly how much money North Carolina will make from the 10% tax on sports betting operators.

Estimates say around $100 million in the first five years. But leagues like the NFL see billions from sponsor deals. If betting volume nears levels seen in other states, taxes could far exceed projections.

Job Opportunities

Most North Carolina betting apps use digital platforms. So legal sports betting itself will not create many new local jobs. The main economic benefits are statewide.

What Happens Next

Some companies are expanding in North Carolina, thanks to legal betting.

To reach younger audiences, leagues and North Carolina sports betting operators market to casual fans. Betting can enhance enjoyment of games.

New Bettors Beware

“I wouldn’t see it as a money maker,” Sommerville said. Approach betting as a fan engagement tool, not reliable income. And use Caesars North Carolina promo code deals judiciously.

✅ Fact Checked on January 29, 2024 by Ken Weaver