The Carolina Panthers and the 2022 NFL Draft: A Simple Guide

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Get Ready for the 2022 NFL Draft with the Carolina Panthers!

The NFL Draft is a big deal for football teams, and the Carolina Panthers are no exception. The team’s coach, Matt Rhule, is in his third year, and he really wants to win games. The draft could help him do that.

Here’s what the Panthers are planning for the draft and who they might pick when their turn comes. The draft is starting soon, and everyone is excited to see what will happen.

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Let’s look at the Panthers’ picks in the draft:

– Round 1: They pick 6th. – Round 4: They pick 137th. – Round 5: They have two picks, number 144 and 149. – Round 6: They pick 200th. – Round 7: They pick 243rd.

The Panthers need new players in a few areas, like offensive tackle, quarterback, cornerback, and defensive end.

Some people are guessing who the Panthers will choose first. These are the guesses:

  • – Kenny Pickett, a quarterback from Pittsburgh: He has a good chance of being picked.
  • – Charles Cross, a tackle from Mississippi State: He’s also a strong choice.
  • – Malik Willis, a quarterback from Liberty University: He’s a possible pick, too.
  • – Evan Neal, a tackle from Alabama: He could be the pick if he’s still available.
  • – Desmond Ridder, a quarterback from Cincinnati: He’s in the mix as well.
  • – The Field: This means any other player that’s not listed.

The Panthers really want to get more picks in the draft. They don’t have a second or third-round pick because of a trade they did before. So, they might trade their 6th pick to get more picks later on.

They’re looking for a new quarterback because Sam Darnold hasn’t been doing great. Kenny Pickett could be their guy, but maybe not with the 6th pick. Maybe if they can trade and pick later, like 16th or 20th, they’ll choose him.

For their offensive line, Evan Neal would be great, but he might be taken by another team before the Panthers can pick him. Charles Cross is another option; he’s really good at protecting the quarterback and could be a superstar tackle in the future.

If none of the quarterbacks they like are there when they trade down, keep an eye on Trevor Penning from Northern Iowa. He’s another offensive tackle with lots of potential but needs some work.

In the later rounds, the Panthers will probably look for more players to make their defense stronger. They might pick someone like Coby Bryant from Cincinnati to help out their team.

The Panthers have picked some good players in the first round before, like Jaycee Horn, Derrick Brown, Brian Burns, D.J. Moore, and Christian McCaffrey.

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That’s your guide to the Carolina Panthers and the 2022 NFL Draft. Let’s see how they do and who they add to their team!

✅ Fact Checked on January 27, 2024 by Ken Weaver