Most US sportsbooks are declining wagers on whether Taylor Swift will attend the 2023 Super Bowl, as betting on subjective events prompts regulatory concerns. But some industry voices argue for increasing exotic betting options to drive consumer action.

Taylor Swift Super Bowl Appearance Bets Rejected

Most US sportsbooks are declining wagers on whether pop star Taylor Swift will make a cameo at the 2023 Super Bowl to cheer on boyfriend Travis Kelce and the Kansas City Chiefs. Fans speculate over Swift’s attendance, but legally betting on it stateside remains unlikely.

Can Fans Bet on Taylor Swift Sighting?

Swift and Kelce’s high-profile relationship has become one of this NFL season’s prominent storylines. The singer has attended several Chiefs games, even joining Kansas City’s on-field AFC Championship celebration. With Swift set to perform overseas Super Bowl weekend, fans wonder if she’ll make it to Las Vegas to watch Kelce vie for a ring.

It seems natural for fans to place wagers on Swift’s attendance. But the general rule is that legal US sports betting is confined to on-field action. A handful of states allow bets on peripheral events like the color of Gatorade showered on the winning coach. Even then, such wagers aren’t permitted in longtime betting hub Las Vegas, which maintains some of America’s strictest wagering regulations.

Subjective Bets Prompt Regulatory Concerns

As BetMGM’s public relations manager John Ewing shares, “We don’t want any subjectivity in a prop (bet). We want clear wins or losses.” Caesars assistant trading director Adam Pullen agrees, noting “we’re dependent on what regulators in each particular state has to say.

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Most sportsbooks share the principled stance of limiting exotic bets to objective on-field occurrences with definitive outcomes. Allowing subjective bets prompts regulatory apprehension over opening the door to dangerous territory.

Offshore Sites Permit Non-Traditional Bets

Overseas sportsbooks like Costa Rica’s BetUS already offer lines on speculative events like Swift’s Super Bowl cameo prospects. Canadian authorities are still contemplating if such bets will be legal in Ontario. But stateside regulators remain wary of subjectively-judged odds.

Risks Outweigh Rewards

Some industry voices argue for increasing betting options, with Pullen asserting “I like anything that drives action and gets people to bet.” But the risks of enabling less rigorously verifiable wagers presently outweigh potential rewards.

Most sportsbooks are trying to fully solidify consumer trust in their products’ integrity as legal sports betting rapidly expands across America. Allowing betting on subjective probabilities could undermine cautious regulatory efforts to portray sports gambling as a fair and transparent source of entertainment.

Offshore entities and select Canadian provinces currently offer odds on a possible Swift Super Bowl cameo. But most American states restrict legal betting to clear on-field occurrences with definitive outcomes. Stateside regulators remain hesitant to open sports gambling to subjective probabilities vulnerable to controversy.

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