Sam Hartman, the Wake Forest Demon Deacons quarterback has returned to the game after missing one match due to health concerns. This season he played a pivotal role in his teams success and now he is performing impressively on the football field once again. Despite the loss to Clemson Sam has exhibited his status as one of the top college football players.

If you were to place a bet on who might win the Heisman Trophy in college football right now on one of the NC sports betting apps like DraftKings Sportsbook North Carolina, Sam Hartmans chances are looking more promising compared to the beginning of the season. His odds stand at +3500 indicating that people believe he has a chance of winning even if it may not be the highest. While there are players with better odds Sam still ranks among the top ten contenders.

Before this year Sam Hartman wasn’t widely recognized; however he truly demonstrated his capabilities. Since his return he has been delivering throws consistently—achieving at least 300 yards, in every game. Additionally he has thrown a total of 13 touchdown passes so far. Although he hasn’t scored any touchdowns through running this year it’s worth noting that he had 11 rushing touchdowns last season. The Demon Deacons have had success in two out of the three games that Sam has played this season. Interestingly his best performance came in the game they unfortunately lost against Clemson. In that match Sam showcased his skills by throwing for 337 yards and scoring six touchdowns. It’s worth noting that Clemson is renowned for its defense.

Among all college quarterbacks Sam Hartman stands out in several statistical categories. He ranks 14th in terms of passing distance and holds the 9th position in a metric called quarterback rating. In the ACC conference, where he competes Sam is currently second in touchdown passes and passer rating placing behind another player named Drake Maye.

If Sam wants to receive an invitation to the Heisman Trophy ceremony in New York it would boost his chances if his team could qualify for the championship game held in Charlotte. Although they have already suffered a defeat against Clemson there are still some tough teams within their conference. Sam will have an opportunity to showcase his skills against these teams starting with a game, against Florida State.

Regarding the NFL Draft—a process where professional teams select college players—Sam Hartmans likelihood of being chosen as the first pick is not considered high. His odds currently stand at +10000 for North Carolina sports betting, which places him low on the list. He’s a player who has a good physique for a quarterback considering his height and weight. However some individuals believe that his throwing arm may not be the strongest and his success might primarily stem from the system employed at Wake Forest.

Although he may not be chosen as one of the top picks or go in the first round Sam Hartman is likely to be selected in the middle rounds of the draft. He is renowned for being intelligent, resilient and possessing good character traits. Qualities that hold value in a professional football teams locker room.

While sports betting is not legally permitted in North Carolina yet, it is allowed in nearby states. It’s crucial to remember that one must be over 21 years old and reside in a state where sports betting is legal in order to take advantage of NC sportsbook promos.

So what are your thoughts? Does Sam Hartman stand a chance at winning the Heisman Trophy? Only time will reveal the answer. He is certainly an athlete worth keeping an eye on this season.

✅ Fact Checked on January 16, 2024 by Ken Weaver