The regulators in North Carolina are making progress in their rule making process. They have not yet announced a specific date for the start of online sports betting in the state. During a meeting of the North Carolina State Lottery Commission to review applications for North Carolina sports betting, Chairman Ripley Rand mentioned that there is still a lot of work to be done before they can launch betting on the Super Bowl. Despite a mention of a possible launch date on January 8th as per state law it is now too early to set a definitive start date due to various factors.

Rand emphasized their commitment to getting everything up and running soon as possible but acknowledged that setting an exact start date is premature at this stage. The applications for NC sportsbook promo codes will be made available no later than Monday. Must be submitted by December 27th. As per the states sports betting law North Carolina sports betting promo codes must commence by June 14th.

Sterl Carpenter, the Deputy Director of Sports Betting at the NC Lottery unveiled these applications during a meeting with the Sports Betting Advisory Committee, in the morning. Then presented them to the full commission in the afternoon.

Operators can now request web forms on after its launch earlier this month. The approved applications include a BetMGM bonus code in North Carolina along with disclosure of personnel in North Carolina, operator application, service provider application, supplier application and attestation for provisional supplier license.

The North Carolina regulators are actively working towards meeting the required launch dates for sports betting. Following the adjustment of the sports betting law by the legislature in September the commission began its work.

In this month the commissioners finalized the set of rules. The second set of rules completed a public comment period on November 27th.

The commission has scheduled another meeting on December 13th. Additionally the Sports Betting Committee plans to meet on December 6th.

Online sports betting in North Carolina was signed into law by Governor Roy Cooper in June. Although Carpenter was hired in July significant progress was made after the legislative change took place in September.

Since then regulators have been meeting regularly to make preparations for the launch. Currently North Carolina offers, in person sports betting at three casinos.

✅ Fact Checked on January 17, 2024 by Ken Weaver