North Carolina’s Unique Sports Betting Approach: A Gamble or Genius?

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North Carolina took an unconventional path when legalizing online sports betting. Operators needed partnerships with pro sports teams and venues instead of casinos to secure a coveted online betting license. This distinct strategy raises eyebrows – will it pay off? Industry expert Mike Trainor weighs in.

A Different Path to Licensing

Unlike most states, North Carolina didn’t partner sports betting operators with existing brick-and-mortar casinos. Instead, they formed alliances with professional teams, auto racing tracks, golf courses, and sports leagues. This untested approach issued 11 coveted online sports betting licenses.

The licenses aligned with:

  • Carolina Panthers, Hornets, Hurricanes, Charlotte FC, NC Courage (pro teams)
  • Charlotte and North Wilkesboro Speedways (auto racing)
  • Quail Hollow and Sedgefield Country Clubs (PGA golf courses)
  • PGA Tour and NASCAR (sports leagues)

Some felt left out, like the Greensboro Coliseum which hosts major events but missed a license. Controversy swirls – will this novel system work long-term?

A Natural Evolution?

Mike Trainor, partner at Blank Rome LLP and gaming regulation expert, provided perspective. He notes tying licenses to casinos is common, benefiting those experienced operators. However, he doesn’t discount sports entities’ value:

“Legacy casinos are experienced, but that doesn’t mean teams, leagues and venues cannot be valuable partners.”

As sports betting booms, teams crave the revenue and fan engagement that North Carolina sports betting partnerships provide. The NFL naming Caesars, DraftKings and FanDuel official betting partners signaled sports leagues’ desire to capitalize on this lucrative industry. You can find the best sports betting apps here.

Trainor sees North Carolina’s approach as a “natural extension” reflecting stakeholders’ growing impact:

“Teams, leagues and venues committed significant resources. This approach leverages their growing industry influence.”

Time Will Tell

Only time will determine if North Carolina’s groundbreaking model flourishes or flounders. Trainor reserves judgment:

“Time will tell if NC’s sports betting license approach succeeds.”

The first indicator? Consumer response to North Carolina sportsbook promos and betting apps from operators like BetMGM granted coveted market access through these strategic partnerships.

Fan Engagement Key for Teams

For teams, sports betting presents an unmatched opportunity to boost fan engagement and revenues. Offering North Carolina sports betting apps gives fans an immersive experience – they can wager on every play from their stadium seats.

Luke Fedlam, sports management professor at UNC, stresses betting’s ability to elevate the standard fan outing:

“Sports betting introduces an interactive element making games more exciting. Fans feel invested at a deeper level emotionally and financially.”

Fedlam sees betting as a logical progression amid cord-cutting and teams seeking new revenue streams beyond traditional media deals and corporate sponsorships.

Other States Watch Closely

North Carolina’s audacious mobile betting blueprint could inspire copycats. As the first state to tether licenses solely to sports stakeholders, its success or failure provides crucial data for others considering similar paths.

Trainor doesn’t rule out domino effects:

“This test case merits close observation. If promising, replicating aspects could gain traction elsewhere.”

Many eyes are on North Carolina. Its bold licensing strategy represents either a pioneering masterstroke or cautionary tale for an industry navigating uncharted terrain in newly legalized markets.

Opening the Gambling Gates

This controversial licensing approach represents North Carolina’s biggest online gambling stride yet. While potential pitfalls loom, the gamble may pay dividends by:

  • Generating tax revenues for state coffers
  • Capitalizing on sports betting’s meteoric rise
  • Creating valuable partnerships boosting teams’ engagement and profits
  • Embracing innovation to stay ahead of the regulatory curve

Only time will reveal whether North Carolina’s novel blueprint represents a masterstroke or misfire. But this unorthodox strategy guarantees high-stakes drama as the online sports betting drama unfolds.

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