North Carolina’s sports betting scene is on fire! Just kicked off, and wow, the numbers are through the roof. GeoComply, the tech wizard behind gaming operators, dropped some massive news. In just two days, almost 370,000 accounts popped up. That’s not all. These accounts hit up nearly 5.4 million checks to make sure they’re betting right here in NC.

Lindsay Slader from GeoComply can’t hide the excitement. “North Carolina’s crushing it,” she said. The state’s got this smart setup for online sports betting that’s making everyone safe and could bring in big bucks. With the big basketball tournament around the corner, they’re just getting started.

Tech That Keeps Betting in Check

Here’s the scoop on how it all works. North Carolina’s sports betting apps have this cool tech to check you’re actually in the state when you’re placing bets. These checks are a solid way to see how many folks are into betting. It’s not just about trying to place a bet every time.

For a little comparison, Virginia’s been at this online betting game for three years. They had nearly 2 million of these checks from about 134,000 accounts. But NC? They’re already showing they’re a big player.

Where’s the Action?

Most bets are going down in NC’s biggest spots: Charlotte, Raleigh-Durham, and Greensboro-Winston-Salem. Rep. Jason Saine, who pushed the betting law, said the data proves NC was ready for this.

But it’s not just locals jumping in. Over in South Carolina, folks are setting up accounts, looking at odds, and getting ready. They’ve got to step over to NC to actually bet, but hey, that’s just a short trip for some betting fun.

Who’s Running the Show?

Right now, eight big names are live in NC. We’re talking BetMGM North Carolina, bet365, and others like DraftKings and FanDuel. Plus, The Catawba Nation’s got plans to join the party too.

Will the Numbers Keep Climbing?

Monday was just the start, and it wasn’t even a big sports day for NC teams. But as local colleges hit the ACC Tournament, expect those numbers to jump. And when the NCAA Tournament pairings drop? It’s going to be off the charts. ESPNBET North Carolina’s already got odds out for the UNC Tar Heels and Duke Blue Devils to win it all.

After March Madness wraps up, betting might chill a bit until football season kicks off. But for now, it’s game time.

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Betting in North Carolina: It’s Game Time

North Carolina’s online sports betting is just getting started, but it’s already a game-changer. With top-notch tech making sure bets are legit and a whole state getting into the action, it’s a thrilling time. And with promos and bonus codes like the BetMGM North Carolina bonus code, betting’s never been better. Whether you’re in it for the big wins or just for fun, North Carolina’s sports betting scene is where it’s at. Get ready, because the game is on, and North Carolina is playing to win.

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