With March Madness, the renowned college basketball tournament approaching there is a lot of buzz about which states are most eagerly anticipating it. We conducted an analysis using Google Trends to determine which states had the search activity for terms like “March Madness ” “College Basketball,” and “NCAA Tournament.” We conducted this analysis on February 16th to gauge the level of anticipation for the tournament.

North Carolina is undeniably a state that holds basketball close to its heart. With a count of 18 college teams within its borders it’s safe to say they have a strong presence in the sport. However when it comes to excitement levels North Carolina finds itself tied for 10th place with Nevada. States like Indiana, Kansas and Iowa seem to have more fervor for the tournament than North Carolina.

One possible reason why North Carolina might not be as thrilled this year could be attributed to their basketball teams not performing up to their usual standards. For instance perennial almost champions from the University of North Carolina currently hold the 9th spot in their conference standings. Duke University shows some improvement but still falls short of being ranked. While North Carolina State University is on the brink of breaking into the 25 teams list they haven’t quite made it yet. Wake Forest University deserves recognition for their work but still has some ground to cover.

Despite the struggles of these teams many believe that Duke has the chance of making it to the final four in the tournament. Their odds stand at +1100 meaning a $100 bet would result in a $1100 win if they succeed. UNCs odds are slightly higher at +1400 while NC States odds are even higher at +3500. When it comes to winning the tournament Dukes odds are 50 to 1 UNCs are 70 to 1 and NC States are 180 to 1.

Moving on to basketball news in North Carolina there is excitement as UNC Asheville emerges victorious in their conference. Their success depends on winning their conference tournament and securing a spot in March Madness something they haven’t achieved since 2016. UNC Greensboro and Western Carolina also show promise within their conferences. Additionally UNC Wilmington has had a number of wins and currently holds third place in their conference.

North Carolinians eagerly await changes to laws that would allow them to place bets on games using North Carolina sports betting apps. If these laws do change it could open up opportunities for FanDuel North Carolina and provide special North Carolina sportsbook promo codes for residents.

Furthermore discussions revolve around a law that may grant people residing in North Carolina the ability to bet on sports online. This could be an event for all the sports betting enthusiasts out there.

Although North Carolina may not be the most enthusiastic state about this years NCAA Tournament they still have a deep love for basketball. With numerous teams to support and possibly even new ways to place bets there is still anticipation as March Madness approaches. Keep an eye on the teams and see which ones might surprise us in the major tournament!

Just remember, if you’re excited about basketball and the tournament you’re definitely not alone. People across the country are gearing up to watch the games root for their favorite teams and maybe even win some money with their lucky bets. No matter what unfolds its going to be an exhilarating time for college basketball fans!

✅ Fact Checked on January 16, 2024 by Ken Weaver