North Carolina is gearing up to welcome legal sports betting, much to the excitement of NASCAR and its many fans in the state. As the home of the NASCAR Hall of Fame and some of the most dedicated followers, North Carolina’s sports betting launch provides a perfect opportunity to engage this loyal audience.

NASCAR has tapped into this potential through official partnerships with major sportsbooks like DraftKings. This collaboration will allow NASCAR to offer fans enhanced engagement opportunities through DraftKings‘ industry-leading mobile platform.

Joe Solosky, NASCAR’s managing director of sports betting, noted “DraftKings has a proven track record of enhancing the fan experience across sports. We are thrilled to continue working with DraftKings to deliver NASCAR fans more engagement opportunities and bring its leading mobile sportsbook to North Carolina.”

As NASCAR’s exclusive daily fantasy sports partner in the U.S. and Canada, DraftKings will now also operate as an Authorized Gaming Operator. This status comes with additional sponsorship rights and visibility within NASCAR events and the wider community. With North Carolina sports betting on the horizon, expect to see DraftKings leverage this special access to connect with racing fans in the state.

Beyond DraftKings, Speedway Motorsports has also jumped into the North Carolina sports betting scene. As owner and operator of Charlotte Motor Speedway, the iconic venue for the annual Coca-Cola 600, Speedway Motorsports has teamed up with BetMGM and its popular betting app.

This alignment provides the perfect foundation for BetMGM to make a splash with its North Carolina sportsbook promos. As BetMGM CEO Adam Greenblatt noted, “We have been eagerly awaiting legal, safe, regulated online sports betting in North Carolina…BetMGM’s partnership with Charlotte Motor Speedway meets a great demand for entertainment from North Carolinians.”

For his part, Charlotte Motor Speedway’s Executive Vice President Greg Walter highlighted BetMGM’s reputation as an innovative sportsbook, making them an ideal partner for the track. “We wanted to move forward into this new era of sports entertainment with a progressive sportsbook,” Walter stated.

Beyond entertaining race fans on site, BetMGM’s operations will also financially support North Carolina’s publicly-funded universities. Under state law, a portion of sports betting revenues will go towards a special fund to recruit major events that expand tourism, create jobs, and showcase North Carolina on the national stage.

With major partners like DraftKings and BetMGM ready to hit the ground running, NASCAR feels North Carolina is the perfect stage to showcase sports betting’s potential. Though it doesn’t enjoy the mainstream betting interest like traditional stick-and-ball sports, NASCAR officials believe North Carolina’s engaged fanbase, critical TV viewership numbers and pure love of racing provide ample room for growth.

As North Carolina betting apps prepare to welcome legions of new users, expect to see no shortage of ways to wager on all things NASCAR. Race winners, head-to-head driver matchups, props and more should quickly emerge as options. NASCAR knows its popularity in North Carolina makes the state a sports betting trailblazer for the auto racing industry. Buckle up and get ready to bet on some left turns!

✅ Fact Checked on February 2, 2024 by Ken Weaver