A prominent senator from North Carolina, Senator Jeremy Miller, who belongs to the Republican Party, recently put forward a proposal to legalize mobile sports betting. This indicates that lawmakers will be addressing this issue once again in the upcoming legislative session. Senator Miller aims to find a solution that satisfies all parties involved in the debate surrounding “North Carolina sports betting,” including the state’s Indian tribes, professional sports teams and the two horse racing tracks.

According to Miller, “I believe this proposal has the potential to gain bipartisan support in order to pass through the Legislature.” He plans on introducing a bill outlining his proposal for “North Carolina sports betting apps” on February 12th, which marks the first day of session.

Considering Miller’s plan for legalizing mobile sports betting, it is expected that there will be extensive public and private discussions about various options related to “North Carolina sports betting.” However, initial reactions have been cautious. In his proposal, Senator Miller suggests that exclusive licensing rights for both mobile and retail sports betting should remain with the state’s 11 tribes. Additionally, he proposes allowing these tribes to collaborate with the two racetracks located in Shakopee and Columbus to establish on location sportsbooks at their respective tracks.

Furthermore, Senator Miller suggests rolling back recent changes made to electronic pulltabs which have raised concerns among tribes regarding their exclusive rights.

He proposes implementing a 15% tax on sports betting in North Carolina, which he believes will generate approximately $60 million in annual revenue. Of that amount, half would be allocated to support Allied Charities of Minnesota, a quarter would go towards Minnesota Sports and Events, 15% would be divided among the race tracks and the remaining funds would be utilized to address problem gambling issues and provide support for youth sports.

Since the Supreme Court ruling in 2018, thirty eight states have legalized “North Carolina sports betting. Interestingly, all of North Carolina’s neighboring states already offer some form of sports gambling. However, finding a solution that satisfies all parties involved has proven to be challenging. Canterbury Park suggests granting licenses to both tribes and racetracks. An approach that is also supported by public polls.

This proposal aims to address controversial changes implemented last year that resulted in the banning of certain features in electronic pulltab machines. Miller’s bill seeks to reinstate specific functions such as free plays and bonus screens to increase their popularity once again. This restoration is likely necessary in order to garner support from Republicans and charitable organizations who criticized these changes.

Senator Matt Klein, who previously introduced a sports betting bill during the last session but did not succeed, is currently developing new proposals for 2024 and finds encouragement in Miller’s proposal. Klein expressed hopefulness by stating, “We need to take action early on this matter as it remains a priority.”As legislators discuss their options, it is expected that leading sportsbook operators such as BetMGM will provide their input and eventually apply for licenses to offer sports betting services in North Carolina if legalization progresses. In fact, BetMGM is already promoting its “BetMGM North Carolina bonus code” in anticipation of the potential opening of a new market.

Unfortunately, Platto, the executive director of the Minnesota Indian Gaming Association, did not respond to a request for comment. While Minnesota’s professional sports teams appreciate Miller’s enthusiasm regarding this matter, they have requested some time to thoroughly review the proposal before engaging further.

✅ Fact Checked on February 2, 2024 by Ken Weaver