North Carolina is edging closer to allowing individuals to place sports bets using their smartphones and other devices. The states government is currently reviewing a law, named HB 347, which would legalize North Carolina sports betting apps and promos. It has already received approval from the House with 64 votes in favor and 45 against on March 29th. Now it’s up to the Senate to review and decide upon it before August 31st.

Representative Jason Saine, who proposed the law in the House is confident that the Senate will thoroughly examine it and ensure its readiness for implementation. He doesn’t anticipate any obstacles that would hinder its progression. While a similar law was approved by the Senate year but failed in the House this time around might yield different results with the potential for actual implementation of NC sports betting.

Representative Saine noted that they may include provisions for betting on horse races within this legislation but not, for dog races. The specific wording regarding dog races wasn’t finalized within the given timeframe; hence they have entrusted this aspect of the law to be addressed by the Senate. According to Brendan Bussmann, an expert in these types of laws he believes that the chances of this law passing are quite high. He mentions that usually such laws face difficulties in the House so the Senate should find it easier to pass. However Bussmann emphasizes the importance of ironing out the details and reaching an agreement. Additionally he notes that although the Senate currently has pressing matters to attend to once they return from their break and surpass some May deadlines they should have time to discuss sports betting.

If this law is successfully passed North Carolina would join Kentucky as one of the states where sports betting is legal by 2023. Consequently individuals in North Carolina may soon have the opportunity to use their phones or other devices for placing bets on sports through apps like Caesars Sportsbook North Carolina.

Once approved specific codes will be provided for people signing up to bet on sports. These codes can unlock deals offered by various companies engaged in NC sports betting.

Besides options for betting North Carolina also has physical locations where individuals can place their bets such as Harrahs Cherokee Casino Resort and Harrahs Cherokee Valley River. Furthermore there is an establishment called Catawba Two Kings Casino that is currently, under construction. Sports enthusiasts have plenty of reasons to be excited. They can place bets on sports events, such as the intense Duke vs. UNC college basketball rivalry or professional leagues like the NFL featuring the Carolina Panthers, NBA with the Charlotte Hornets, NHL including the Carolina Hurricanes and even thrilling NASCAR races.

It’s worth noting that if you happen to win money through sports betting it’s essential to understand that taxes are applicable to your winnings. To help determine your tax obligations there’s a handy tool known as the Gambling Winnings Tax Calculator.

The residents of North Carolina are eagerly anticipating the opportunity to engage in mobile sports betting. They are closely monitoring developments in the Senate. Awaiting official approval of this law. If it comes into effect it could revolutionize how people enjoy sporting events, within our state.

✅ Fact Checked on January 16, 2024 by Ken Weaver