There might be a development underway in North Carolina that could soon allow individuals to place sports bets using their smartphones. The states House of Representatives has recently given approval for some revisions to a bill, which’s essentially a plan created by lawmakers. If this bill receives another endorsement it may proceed to Governor Roy Cooper, who supports the idea of legalizing North Carolina sports betting on apps and websites.

Currently if residents of North Carolina wish to engage in NC sports betting they are limited to establishments owned by two Native American groups; the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians and the Catawbas. However this proposed bill could potentially change that by granting permission for up to 12 companies to offer online betting services. These companies would need to pay a fee for a five year opportunity and if not selected they would receive most of their money back.

Furthermore the bill includes provisions for venues where people can place sports bets—such, as large stadiums where football and hockey games take place. The companies that would be granted the opportunity to operate these betting activities will be required to contribute a portion of their earnings as tax to the state. Currently the tax rate stands at 18%, which was suggested by the Senate as an increase from the 14%.

The revenue generated from these taxes would serve purposes in North Carolina. It would allocate $2 million annually towards assisting individuals dealing with gambling related issues $1 million for youth sports initiatives and an additional $1 million for sports and events. Additionally a portion of the tax funds would support programs at public universities excluding those affiliated with the Atlantic Coast Conference. Some of this money would also be utilized to attract sporting events to the state while half of it would contribute to the states primary funding pool known as the General Fund.

Assuming everything progresses as planned those for overseeing North Carolina’s lottery system will have until January 8 2024 to establish comprehensive regulations, for this novel form of sports betting. Following that period it may take up to a year after passing legislation before companies can begin accepting bets from individuals. The authorities assure us that they will work diligently to ensure all necessary preparations are made promptly.

On the day when the House approved the changes there wasn’t discussion about it. One legislator, Pricey Harrison who is not in favor of the bill wanted to delve into it. However Speaker Tim Moore explained that there would only be a discussion as they had a busy agenda for that day. The next opportunity for deliberation and the final vote could potentially take place on the following day.

Previously Speaker Moore had abstained from voting on this bill due to his employment with the Catawba Nation. However an ethics review group has now determined that it’s permissible for him to participate in voting. This marks his chance to cast his vote on this matter.

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Well it looks like folks in North Carolina who have a passion for sports and betting might have some new options to enjoy them right from their smartphones in the near future. If the bill manages to pass all the stages and gain the approval of the governor it would mark a whole new era, for sports enthusiasts throughout the state.

✅ Fact Checked on January 16, 2024 by Ken Weaver