A North Carolina man received a six-figure lottery jackpot prize just one day after his birthday. While the payout didn’t come on his actual birthday, the lucky winner still felt the belated gift was well worth the short wait.

Buys Ticket Day After Birthday

Rabah Samara from Raleigh bought a lottery ticket the day after celebrating another year. He stopped at the Han-Dee Hugo’s convenience store on Western Boulevard in Raleigh and got a $10 50X The Cash progressive jackpot game ticket.

North Carolina sports betting apps were not involved in Samara’s big win. He relied on a draw game ticket instead of sports betting.

Hits Jackpot

When Samara first checked his ticket, he didn’t notice he hit the prize. But on the second look, he saw the jackpot bells.

“Oh jeez, it’s the jackpot!” Samara exclaimed.

Since he bought the $10 ticket himself, Samara scored the entire $321,223 top prize for that game.

Claims Six-Figure Prize

After required tax withholdings, the lucky North Carolina man kept $229,667 of his birthday jackpot.

“This is a great birthday gift for me,” Samara told lottery officials when he claimed his six-figure prize on February 2nd.

While the payout didn’t come on his actual birthday, Samara felt the cash was still an amazing belated gift.

Plans for Unexpected Cash

Now that he has some unexpected extra money, Samara plans to pay some bills and save the rest.

“I’m just happy,” he said. “Now I can sleep better at night.”

This was not the first time a North Carolina lottery winner scored big around their birthday.

Grandmother Also Wins Around Birthday

Recently, a North Carolina grandmother’s birthday became even more exciting with a record-breaking lottery prize.

Marie Hinton from Rocky Mount hit a $278 million Powerball jackpot just two weeks after her birthday, McClatchy News reported. At the time, it was the largest lottery win ever in North Carolina.

Hinton’s 2022 birthday was made even sweeter thanks to her split Powerball prize. She took home $26 million after taxes.

More Wins to Come

North Carolina frequently sees major lottery winners thanks to the state’s flexible lottery laws. Ranging from scratch-offs to jackpot draws, the North Carolina Education Lottery provides many games with opportunities to win.

The state lottery also just launched online play and sports betting in late 2022. North Carolina sportsbook promos and easier access means more ways to win for Tar Heel state residents.

BetMGM Offers $1,000 New Player Bonus

One popular sportsbook now available with the expanded NC lottery is BetMGM. The BetMGM North Carolina bonus code NCWAGER offers $1,000 in free bets to new players.

Between lottery favorites and the introduction of digital playing, North Carolina lottery fans have more opportunities ahead. Big payouts for lucky winners will likely keep coming.

Maybe even more players will win six-figure jackpots around their birthday like Samara did. While his payout came a little late, the substantial cash made the short wait worthwhile.

✅ Fact Checked on February 5, 2024 by Ken Weaver