‘Tis the time of year for those not fashionable sweaters, delicious eggnog and surprise filled stockings.

Which of the three do you prefer the most? Ugly sweaters always seem like a bet although too much eggnog can lead to some unfortunate mishaps. (Remember that song about grandma and the reindeer?)

Now lets talk about stocking stuffers. They’re quite a bunch. Socks have gained value over time but they still make for a good Instagram story. Course there are plenty of other directions we could take when brainstorming stocking stuffer ideas.

For instance lottery tickets and scratch offs can be choices as stocking stuffers for adults in your life. Unlike socks, candy, lotion or other small thoughtful gifts lottery tickets bring a chance to win some money as part of the gift. With the recent launch of North Carolina sports betting apps and promos, gifting lottery tickets allows adults to participate in betting entertainment legally.

However it’s important to acknowledge that there is some risk involved. That’s why the Play Smart Gift Smart campaign by the North Carolina Education Lottery reminds everyone to approach gifting lottery tickets during Christmas and throughout the year. The same goes for promos from North Carolina betting apps.

Maintain the Tradition of Responsibly Gifting North Carolina Lottery Tickets

At its core Play Smart Gift Smart aims to preserve the tradition of giving lottery tickets during holiday seasons while emphasizing practices.
The North Carolina Lottery even offers holiday themed scratch off tickets that make little surprises for stockings and last minute gifts.

The campaign also emphasizes that participating in the lottery is essentially a form of gambling. Like any game of chance individuals who purchase lottery tickets should view it as a form of entertainment, just like DraftKings North Carolina promo code incentives.

Here are the three important responsible gambling guidelines that this campaign wants you to keep in mind;

Only give lottery tickets to adults in your life.

Ensure that lottery tickets are kept away from anyone under 18 years old even if they have already been scratched.
Share information about the risks associated with gambling with others in your life, including new North Carolina sports betting options.

Explainer: Gift Responsibly

Ticket sales for lotteries tend to increase during November, December and the winter holidays. Play Smart Gift Smart is one of initiatives in North Carolina aimed at promoting responsible gambling by raising public awareness and educating communities about the dangers of underage gambling including giving lottery tickets as gifts.

The National Council on Problem Gamblings Gift Responsibly Campaign collaborates with over 150 lotteries and community organizations to raise awareness about the risks involved in purchasing lottery tickets as holiday presents for children. It was established in the 2000s and has achieved full participation, from all US and Canadian lotteries.
The Gift Responsibly Campaign has three objectives;

Educating communities about the potential consequences of purchasing lottery tickets for children.
Raising awareness about the risks associated with gambling, including new opportunities like North Carolina sports betting.
Promoting gambling practices while maintaining a neutral standpoint on legal and regulated gambling.

Buying lottery tickets for kids may seem harmless when it involves scratch offs for the entire family. However studies indicate a connection between early exposure to gambling and an increased likelihood of developing a gambling problem later in life.

Moreover many individuals with gambling issues recall their encounter with gambling as receiving a lottery ticket from an adult. According to the NCPG (National Council on Problem Gambling) many people share that their initial experience occurred between the ages of nine and eleven putting 10% to 14% of adolescents at risk of developing gambling related problems.

The Gift Responsibly and Play Smart Gift Smart campaigns in North Carolina shed light on these facts. What might appear harmless can actually have consequences for children and adolescents during their crucial developmental years.

We now have access to data than ever before which clearly indicates that underage gambling introduces unnecessary risks, into an already risky equation. Ignorance can no longer serve as an excuse.To put it simply practicing gambling, in North Carolina involves giving lottery tickets exclusively to adults.

✅ Fact Checked on January 17, 2024 by Ken Weaver