A bill that would make online sports betting legal in North Carolina is on its way to the desk of Governor Roy Cooper.

Yesterday the North Carolina House voted 68 45 in favor of concurring with Senate changes to HB 347. Now the legislation for online NC sports betting in North Carolina will be sent to Governor Coopers desk for his signature. It is expected that he will sign it within the 10 days.

The Senate had passed this bill week and now with the Houses concurrence it is one step closer to becoming law. Once Governor Cooper signs it online sports betting will officially be allowed starting from January 8 2024. The regulatory authorities will be working diligently to ensure that North Carolina betting apps can launch close to that date as possible.

In North Carolina the oversight of this industry will be handled by the North Carolina Education Lottery Commission. They will take charge of developing rules and licensing processes while also regulating the operations once they go live. Additionally they will have the authority to approve which events people from North Carolina can place bets on.

According to a statement from the agency overseeing this process once Governor Cooper signs the bill into law commissioners will begin their work, on establishing regulations and procedures. The full scope of their responsibilities will become clearer at that time.

Following that the lottery will make efforts to fulfill its obligations in granting licenses to operators like DraftKings North Carolina promo code ensuring that sports betting in North Carolina is carried out fairly and responsibly.

Regarding the online framework for North Carolina this legislation permits the legalization of a maximum of 12 online sportsbooks. Each license, valid for five years necessitates a fee of $1 million.

Additionally there is a provision for up to eight sportsbooks to be established at professional sports facilities within the state. These facilities include venues for MLS, NASCAR, NBA, NFL, NHL, NWSL and the PGA Tour.

The Senate approved the bill with a vote count of 37 11. When it returned to the House for concurrence votes more members from that chamber voted in favor.

The changes made by the Senate regarding North Carolina sports betting were not ones. They adjusted the tax rate, on sports betting revenue from 14% to 18%. Additionally they prohibited operators from deducting spending when calculating their taxable revenue.
Senators also included horse racing as one of the approved options for legal betting.

Furthermore the upper chamber provided clarification on the language regarding the allowance of up to eight in person sportsbooks at sports venues within the state.

However it’s worth noting that there were some detractors despite support throughout the General Assembly. North Carolina sports betting promos were particularly vocal in expressing concerns during Tuesdays reading concurrence vote. Harrison along with other lawmakers from different parties and religious groups voiced their opposition to the bill throughout its entire process.

On Wednesday Harrison and several other representatives maintained their stance against sports betting in North Carolina by labeling it as a predatory industry. Despite holding reservations about its impact on the state Harrison did acknowledge and appreciate the increase, in tax rates and removal of promotional deductions.

✅ Fact Checked on January 17, 2024 by Ken Weaver