North Carolina has been discussing the possibility of permitting types of fantasy sports games known as “pick’em” games. In these games participants make predictions about the performance of players in their sports such as guessing whether a basketball player will score a specific number of points. However there have been concerns raised that these games resemble gambling closely leading to calls for their prohibition.

However recent discussions held by the North Carolina lottery officials suggested that it may not be necessary to ban these games at this time. During a meeting with a group focused on sports betting it was agreed upon that efforts should be directed towards initiating North Carolina sports betting rather than being preoccupied with regulating fantasy games.

Not long ago the lottery officials presented the group with some proposed rules for consideration. Among these rules was one specifically addressing the prohibition of pick’em games. The opinions expressed by individuals varied considerably; some favored the ban while others opposed it.

Those against imposing a ban argued that fantasy games differ from sports betting because they require skill. Additionally they emphasized that prohibiting games could hinder innovative and enjoyable concepts, within the realm of fantasy sports.

A spokesperson representing the fantasy game industry expressed satisfaction with the decision. They emphasized that the lawmakers behind the North Carolina betting apps legislation did not intend to impede fantasy games and assured ongoing dialogue with regulators to ensure fair rules.

Moreover it has been clarified by the authorities that NC sports betting will not commence on January 8th, which was previously projected as the starting date. The revised launch date will be announced at a later time. Once sports betting is officially introduced residents of North Carolina can anticipate a plethora of enticing North Carolina sports betting promos and user friendly applications.

However some prominent companies like FanDuel and DraftKings have expressed reservations about pick’em games viewing them as closely aligned with traditional forms of gambling. Nevertheless they are expected to be included in the array of sports betting apps that will become available in North Carolina next year. Speaking of DraftKings, you can find the DraftKings North Carolina promo code on our website once it launches in the state.

Several other states have already established regulations concerning fantasy games. For instance Michigan and New York have prohibited their operation while Colorado is currently deliberating measures.

In North Carolina individuals have access to locations for placing bets such, as Harrahs Cherokee Casino Resort and Harrahs Cherokee Valley River. Additionally there is an established venue named Catawba Two Kings. People in North Carolina are also discussing aspects of gambling such as the taxation implications for winnings. Interestingly there’s a helpful tool available to assist in calculating the applicable taxes.

The anticipation surrounding sports betting in North Carolina is quite high. People eagerly await the opportunity to place bets on their teams and players.

For now North Carolina has decided to allow pick’em fantasy games to continue while they ensure that the introduction of sports betting is handled appropriately and with safety for everyone involved. Moreover they aim to align the regulations, with what lawmakers intended when enacting the laws.

✅ Fact Checked on January 27, 2024 by Ken Weaver