On a super exciting Saturday night, the North Carolina basketball team beat their big-time rivals, Duke, with a score of 81 to 77. Now, they’re on their way to the championship game of the NCAA tournament for the first time in five years. This is a big deal because they’re going up against the strong team from Kansas, also known as the Jayhawks. The game is scheduled to happen on Monday night, and it’s going to be in the Superdome, a really big stadium.

The North Carolina team, which everyone calls the Tar Heels, is being seen as the team that might not win, or the “underdog.” However, they’ve already surprised a lot of people by winning when they weren’t expected to. They beat Baylor, UCLA, and Duke, even though lots of folks thought they would lose those games. If they win this time, they will be the lowest-ranked team to ever win the championship since a team called Villanova did it back in 1985. Their new coach, Hubert Davis, will be taking them into the big game at 9:20 PM Eastern time, and you can watch it on TBS.

Before the tournament even started, people could bet on which team they thought would win the whole thing using North Carolina sportsbook promo codes on apps like DraftKings North Carolina. North Carolina had pretty big odds, which meant not many people thought they would make it this far. Kansas was more likely to win, according to the bets. Now, here they are, just one game away from possibly winning their sixth national title. The betting places think Kansas has a better chance to win, but North Carolina has been proving them wrong.

You can actually go and place bets at some places in North Carolina, like the Harrah’s Cherokee Casino Resort or the Harrah’s Cherokee Valley River Casino. So if you’re into that, you know where to go to use NC sports betting apps.

Now, when we look at how North Carolina and Kansas have done when they’ve played against each other before, they’ve met 11 times. The Tar Heels won 6 of those and lost 5. The last three times they’ve played in the NCAA tournament, Kansas has won, and they’ve won by quite a bit. The most recent game was back in 2013, and Kansas won that one 70 to 58, knocking North Carolina out of the tournament. The time before that, Kansas won too. But, North Carolina’s last win against Kansas was a pretty big one in 1993. They won then, and it helped them get their third national championship.

So now, they’re about to face each other again in the same city where that big win happened for North Carolina almost 30 years ago. Both teams are hoping to add another championship to their schools’ histories.

There’s also some other interesting stuff happening in North Carolina sports. The Carolina Panthers are looking for a new head coach, and there are all kinds of things happening with sports betting in North Carolina. There are some new partnerships forming, like BetMGM and DraftKings finding partners in North Carolina to offer sports betting in North Carolina, which is pretty exciting.

For folks who are really into following the odds and where the money is on these games, there’s a lot of information out there. Some places give the Tar Heels better odds to win than others, and it seems people are kind of split on who they think will come out on top. But no matter what, Monday’s game is going to be a big one, and there’s a lot of excitement around it.

✅ Fact Checked on January 27, 2024 by Ken Weaver