You’ll still see plenty of sports betting advertisements during the Super Bowl broadcast despite the NFL’s limits on promos. Las Vegas first worried the league, but has proven itself through events like this year’s draft.

Can’t Escape Super Bowl Sports Betting Ads

You’ll still see plenty of sports betting advertisements during the Super Bowl broadcast despite the NFL’s limits.

The NFL allows only a few sports betting ads during games. But sportsbooks bought less than the maximum slots for Super Bowl LVII. Fans will watch just three such ads – one before kickoff and two others during the February 11 championship matchup between the Kansas City Chiefs and San Francisco 49ers in Las Vegas.

“We’ve put some policies in place to limit the amount of advertising for sports betting that happens in our live games,” said David Highhill, the NFL’s general manager for sports betting. “It’s roughly one ad per quarter. All told, less than 5% of all in-game ads are sports betting ads.”

Controlling Problematic Advertising

The league curbs advertising to maintain public trust in game integrity after opposing legalized sports betting for years. But an increase in fan participation created a flood of sportsbook ads.

“There’s times when we’re held accountable for ads that are not running in our games, that are running on other sports programming or sports radio throughout the week,” Highhill said. “Unfortunately, we can’t control all ads everywhere.”

Even the American Gaming Association warned about the “unsustainable arms race” of advertisements. So the NFL and major media companies established responsible guidelines for sports betting promotions this year.

Integrity Measures

The NFL instituted strict integrity actions like training personnel and disciplining rule-breakers. The league also partners with monitoring services to ensure fair play.

Vegas Setting No Concern

Las Vegas first worried the NFL when the Raiders relocated. But the city has proven itself through events like this year’s draft. Likewise, North Carolina successfully launched sports betting with rigorous state regulations.

Enticing New Bettors

Legal wagering aims to attract new bettors. So expect competitive offers like a bet365 North Carolina bonus code for player perks. Or access fast North Carolina sports betting apps to register and bet from your phone.

Of course, the influx of gaming ads and easier access worries addiction advocacy groups. Responsible gambling resources counter intense marketing plays for novice bettors’ attention and cash.

Oversight of Sports Betting Ads

Jeff Miller, NFL executive vice president, said North Carolina sports betting rules and support treat gambling disorders seriously. All states legalizing sports wagering should adopt similar comprehensive policies.

“We can’t control all ads everywhere,” Highhill conceded. Yet working groups and legislative oversight now monitor sportsbook promotions. So perhaps one day fans can enjoy the Super Bowl without relentless gambling pitches.

✅ Fact Checked on February 2, 2024 by Ken Weaver