Recently there has been a slowdown in the momentum of mobile sports betting in North Carolina. However, supporters, including those keen on seeing platforms like DraftKings North Carolina launch, remain optimistic about its prospects for this year.

According to an industry insider, the temporary halt in progress is due to a bill called HB 347 transitioning from the House to the Senate before a specific deadline. Lawmakers had to prioritize legislation during this time.

Multiple sources have informed us that the online sports betting legislation in North Carolina is expected to resume progress within the next 10 days. It’s important to note that the North Carolina legislature adjourns towards the end of June. This development is closely watched by enthusiasts of sports betting in North Carolina.

The pace of progress for NC sports betting has been gradual. In the previous year, both chambers of Congress supported essentially identical versions of the bill. The Senate approved it after it was initially rejected by one vote in the House. This year, however, things took a turn as it received advancement from the House with a vote count of 65-45.

Given that the Senate had given its approval for this proposal, many industry proponents anticipated swift passage through their chamber as well. Nonetheless, one source remains slightly doubtful about this outcome.

“While we can expect some movement within the Senate over the next couple of weeks, I don’t believe it will proceed as quickly as some operators are hoping,” stated an anonymous source. “My best estimate is that it will leave the Senate towards June; however, it might need to return to the House for concurrence, due to potential amendments.”

Changing the bill in North Carolina

According to Ches McDowell, a lobbyist for professional sports teams in North Carolina, although the bill awaiting action in the Senate is essentially the same proposal that was voted in favor of last year, there are a few minor modifications that need to be made.

McDowell mentioned that these changes didn’t make it before the House crossover deadline but does not anticipate them being an obstacle to its passage.

Additionally, McDowell stated that legislative supporters are not overly concerned about rumors surrounding casino expansion in North Carolina at this moment. It seems that local media is more pessimistic about the bill’s chances than those within the industry.

Basics of sports betting in North Carolina

Currently, there are already sportsbooks available at three tribal casinos within the state. The proposed legislation aims to legalize online sports betting across North Carolina.

Under this legislation, 10-12 online sportsbooks would be permitted to launch for sports betting within NC. Furthermore, a tax rate of 14% would be applied to revenue generated from sports betting activities. This opens the door for various NC sports betting apps and North Carolina sportsbook promo codes to become available to sports enthusiasts in the state.

The professional sports teams, including the NFL’s Carolina Panthers, have expressed their support for this proposed legislation on sports betting.

✅ Fact Checked on January 17, 2024 by Ken Weaver