Once upon a time, Caleb Martin played for the Charlotte Hornets. He was good, but not many people noticed him. The team was not winning a lot, and they were in the middle of making changes. Caleb had to leave before the 2021 NBA season started, and he found a new home with the Miami Heat. Now, he’s playing so well, he almost won a big award in the NBA playoffs!

The Charlotte Hornets basketball team has seen many players come and go since the 2019-2020 season. Some of these players have become even better after they left. We looked at a special number called Player Efficiency Rating (PER) to see how these players did before and after they said goodbye to the Hornets. This number helps show how good a player is in a game.

Caleb is not the only one who got better. There were nine players who left the team, and five of them improved. Three did not do as well as they used to, and one stayed the same. This PER number comes from Basketball-Reference.com and helps us compare how players do over time.

Let’s dive into how some of the players changed:

  • – Montrezl Harrell’s PER went down from 21.7 to 17.6, which shows he didn’t play as well after leaving the Hornets.
  • – Ish Smith had a slight improvement, going from 9.6 to 10.6.
  • – Bismack Biyombo also did a little better, with his PER increasing from 14.1 to 15.5.
  • – Devonte’ Graham’s PER dropped from 14.5 to 12.8, which means he was not as good as before.
  • – Caleb Martin’s PER went up from 10.2 to 12.7, which is a nice improvement.
  • – Malik Monk’s PER rose from 12.1 to 15.3, showing he’s playing much better.
  • – Cody Zeller improved just a little bit, from 16.2 to 16.8.
  • – Nicolas Batum’s PER decreased from 14.2 to 12.4.
  • – Willy Hernangomez stayed the same, with a PER of 20.9 both times.

Caleb Martin and Malik Monk have done especially well after leaving the Hornets. They have become important players on their new teams. The Sacramento Kings, where Malik Monk plays, did great this season and almost beat the champions, the Golden State Warriors, in the playoffs.

Devonte’ Graham, sadly, has not done so well. He got hurt a lot, and his performance wasn’t as good as people hoped when he joined the New Orleans Pelicans.

Montrezl Harrell also had a tough time. He was great in 2020, winning the Sixth Man of the Year award, but since then, it’s been hard for him to find the same success. He played for a few different teams and didn’t do too well with the Hornets either.

Cody Zeller is on the same team as Caleb Martin now, the Miami Heat. They are both heading to the NBA Finals, which is very exciting. Both of them started their big-time basketball careers in Charlotte, so it’s a special moment for them and for the fans there.

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✅ Fact Checked on January 15, 2024 by Ken Weaver