Have you ever wondered how the Charlotte Hornets compare to expectations each season? We analyzed data to see if the Hornets consistently meet or exceed peoples predictions.

Starting from the 2010 11 season they examined the projected number of wins for the Hornets. These projections estimate how games the team will win in a given year. They then compared these projections to the number of games won by the Hornets. Interestingly they found that since 2010 the Hornets have exceeded expectations in than half of the seasons particularly in the last four seasons (except for the most recent one).

Here are their findings for each season since 2010;

During the 2010 11 season it was expected that the Hornets would win around 39.5 games. However they only ended up with 34 wins. For one year there was a prediction of 19.5 wins; unfortunately though the Hornets could only secure 7 victories. In 2012 13 expectations were again set low at around 19.5 wins; however much to everyones surprise and delight the Hornets outperformed with a total of 21 wins. Moving on to a season in 2013 14 when predictions foresaw, around 26 wins for our beloved team…However in a turn of events that left fans both amazed and thrilled the Hornets surpassed all expectations by achieving an impressive total of 43 wins.

During the 2014 15 season there was an anticipation that the team would secure 45 victories; however they managed to achieve 33 wins. In contrast the following season of 2015 16 brought about an outcome with a total of 48 wins surpassing the earlier prediction of 33 wins. The subsequent seasons of both 2016 17 and 2017 18 had a win count of around 42.5 games each but disappointingly resulted in achieving a total of 36 wins in both instances. Moving on to the following season of 2018 19 the Hornets were projected to secure around 35.5 victories. Surprisingly managed to exceed expectations by ending up with a total of 39 wins. Due to its shortened duration there was no prediction for the abbreviated season in 2019 20. However during the season in2020 21 despite being projected to win games the Hornets once again surpassed expectations by securing33 victories instead.

Continuing this trend, into the2021 22 season witnessed the Hornets outperforming predictions again with43wins as opposedtotheexpected38.5victories.As we look forward to the season in 2022-23,the anticipated win count stood at34.5games but the squad fell short by achieving only 27 winsonly.

Therefore it can be observed that whenever expectations are set for them to win than 30games they consistently manage to exceed those predictions.Last season was a disappointing one forthem withonly 27 wins, which falls below their average of 33 victories obtained over an eight year span prior. The Hornets had a start in their first twenty games last season only managing to secure 6 wins and suffering 14 losses. They had a start with 3 wins and 3 losses but things took a turn for the worse afterward.

One of the challenges that the team faces is ensuring the well being of their players. Year they had some key players like LaMelo Ball, Gordon Hayward, Terry Rozier and Cody Martin who missed games due to injuries. This season Miles Bridges will also be absent for around 10 games.

Despite the difficulties they encounter there’s always a chance for the Hornets to surprise everyone. If you were to place a bet on them winning the Eastern Conference at present and they actually succeed you could potentially earn a payout since not many people believe they will achieve it.

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That’s how the Hornets performance compares to what people expected before the season. Sometimes they exceed expectations while other times not much. But that’s just how sports go – you can never predict what might happen!

✅ Fact Checked on January 15, 2024 by Ken Weaver