As we come to the end of 2023 the latest data reveals that Harrahs Cherokee Casinos continue to play a role in driving the North Carolina economy.

Both the Harrahs Cherokee Casino Resort and Harrahs Cherokee Valley River Casino & Hotel have made contributions of over $200 million to their respective communities positively impacting the area in various ways.

Lets take a look at the casino figures for these two Harrahs properties in North Carolina for 2023. With the recent launch of North Carolina sports betting, including apps and North Carolina sportsbook promos like the BetMGM North Carolina bonus code, the casinos are well-positioned to benefit.

The Economic Influence of Harrah’s Cherokee Casinos on North Carolina

Combined the two Harrahs Cherokee casinos have contributed than $200 million to their local communities in North Carolina. This year they have made societal contributions totaling $206,967,215.

This is an achievement as it surpasses the average societal contribution per dollar of revenue for commercial companies in North Carolina. The advent of North Carolina sports betting could help drive more tourism dollars to these casinos as well.

Moreover these casinos have also paid over $177 million to vendors for goods and services this year. Emphasizing their commitment to supporting businesses both Harrahs Cherokee properties actively engage with local vendors as a means of reinvesting money back into the thriving North Carolina economy.

Furthermore Harrahs Cherokee Casinos have generously donated over $1 million to profit organizations, in North Carolina. These donations stem from events and contributions made by dedicated employees.
The fact that organizations like WNC Communities, MANNA Cherokee Indian Hospital Foundation and NC Senior Games received contributions is a sign especially considering that overall tribal gaming revenue seems to have decreased in 2023. The growth of North Carolina sports betting apps could help stabilize gaming revenues going forward.

While we don’t have data on the revenue recent per capita distribution figures from the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians (EBCI) indicate a decline compared to previous years. It’s worth noting that the number of shareholders varies during each distribution period so per capita numbers are not an indicator of revenue but do provide a fairly accurate understanding.

Both June and Decembers per capita distribution payments show an 8.6% decrease from 2022 with December experiencing a 14.1% decline. Several factors could contribute to this situation, such as inflation concerns or worries about a recession. Nonetheless despite these challenges the economic impact statistics offer reasons for optimism as we head into 2024. The addition of a sportsbook at these casinos could also boost revenues.

This year witnessed over 4.2 million visitors flocking to Harrahs Cherokees two casino locations. Consequently these visitors made contributions, to the local economies through their patronage of hotels, restaurants and shops.
Employment Opportunities at Both Harrahs Cherokee Locations
Apart from the benefits the casinos have paid a total of $129,334,808 in salaries and wages to their employees this year. Additionally all employees at Harrahs Cherokee casinos, which includes around 4,000 individuals across both properties can take advantage of a program that offers tuition and certification reimbursement. This program is incredibly beneficial. Goes beyond North Carolinas minimum wage requirements.

Harrahs Cherokee Valley River Casino and Hotel can be found in Cherokee County. In that area major employers include Erlanger Western Carolina Hospital, the Cherokee County Board of Education Cherokee County itself and Walmart. These employers operate in both the private sectors and have a workforce ranging from 250 to 499 employees. However it is the casino that stands out as the source of employment.

Located in Jackson County is Harrahs Cherokee Casino Resort. The largest employer in this county is Western Carolina University with over 1,000 individuals on its payroll. Other notable employers include Jackson County government entities such as Jackson County Public Schools along with Walmart and Southwestern Community College. Each of these organizations employs between 250 499 people.

Comparison to Figures from 2022

This year witnessed a distribution of salary and wages, by Harrahs Cherokee Casinos compared to last year (2022). In that year the total amount reached $187.2 million.
However the payments made by the casinos to their vendors increased by over $17 million in 2023 compared to the year. In 2022 this figure stood at $160 million. In 2021 the vendor payments were lower than what we observed in 2023. The addition of sports betting in North Carolina could help continue this positive trend.

There is a rise in numbers expected for 2024 due to an extensive expansion plan being undertaken by Harrahs Cherokee Valley River Casino & Hotel. They are investing a $275 million into this project.

The expansion includes adding 25,000 square feet of new gaming floor space. Once completed this will make it the largest casino in North Carolina. Visitors can look forward to a 300 slot machines and eight more table games. The casino will also introduce a brand poker room that will host a prestigious World Series of Poker event.

The developers anticipate finishing construction by the half of 2024. This expansion is bound to attract customers to the area and have a significant impact on tourism with almost 300 more hotel rooms available along with state of the art fitness facilities, a full service spa, salon and even a wine cellar catering to diverse preferences.

As is typically seen in any state with casinos or expansions coming into play it becomes a key driver, for boosting tourism.
Visitors whether they are from outside the state or locals will be excited to explore the brand facility in our town. It’s a move by the casino and it will definitely give a boost to the local economy in the upcoming year.

During this process the company plans to hire around 900 construction workers and support staff. Additionally both Caesars Entertainment and EBCI anticipate that this expansion will contribute $35 million to our economy.

An Overview of Harrah’s Casinos in North Carolina

Harrahs Cherokee Casino Resort has been an establishment since its opening in 1997. This location offers hotel accommodations a Caesars sportsbook and a variety of dining options. Casino goers can choose from over 3,000 slot machines. Enjoy 160 table games. Recently they also introduced a smoking room on site after four years without one.

Harrahs Cherokee Valley River Casino and Hotel is relatively newer as it opened its doors in 2015. Similar to its counterpart this location offers hotel services, a Caesars sportsbook, various table games and slots machines along, with dining choices. With the advent of full-scale sports betting in North Carolina, the sportsbooks at these casinos are poised to see increased interest.

✅ Fact Checked on January 27, 2024 by Ken Weaver