In North Carolina, there’s been talking about letting four casino resorts open up. People are also thinking about letting video lottery machines be used all over the state. But now, Gov. Roy Cooper has some worries about these gambling plans being part of the state’s budget.

Gov. Cooper thinks that things like casinos and video lottery shouldn’t be mixed into the budget. They should be talked about and decided on their own. He’s not sure if these gambling plans will actually happen because not everyone agrees on them. Just the other day, a big news channel called WRAL shared some of Gov. Cooper’s thoughts they got from a talk with one of their reporters, Travis Fain.

The governor said, “I have my doubts as to whether this is going to come about.” He also said that there’s no real agreement right now and that these gambling things should be separate from the budget.

These comments from Gov. Cooper came after the Associated Press shared some news. They said that Tim Moore, the Speaker of the House, mentioned there was no talk about gambling in the budget they’re trying to make work. Also, they haven’t made any other deals about gambling.

Before, it seemed like things were moving forward with the gambling plans. Lawmakers were having discussions and coming up with ideas for the state’s budget. The idea was to let North Carolina have four new casinos and make it okay to have video lottery machines all over the state.

Gov. Cooper, a Democrat, had already signed a law earlier in the year that made North Carolina sports betting completely legal in North Carolina. But if the budget comes to him with these new gambling ideas, he might not agree. He could say no to the budget, or he could say no to any separate law that lets casinos and video lottery machines start up.

Even if he says no, the Republicans have a lot of power in both the state House and Senate. They might decide to go against the governor’s decision.

There’s more to the story, too. Some reports showed that some people in North Carolina’s government got a bunch of money for their campaigns from a company that builds gaming places and a company from Illinois that makes video lottery machines.

This news kind of slowed down all the excitement about the gambling plans. Before this news, Speaker Moore had told some people in the news that they might think about more gambling if enough people in the government were okay with it.

One reason North Carolina is thinking about more casinos is because of what’s happening in Virginia, the state next door. This year, casinos opened up in Danville and Portsmouth, and they’re really close to the border with North Carolina.

Some plans that haven’t been finished yet say that North Carolina might let four casinos open. One could be built by the Lumbee Tribe in the southeast part of the state. The other three could be built in Anson, Nash, and Rockingham counties by one company if they promise to spend at least $1.5 billion. They also have to make sure each casino will have at least 1,750 workers.

The state would get 22.5% of the money the casinos make. If the casinos don’t spend enough money or hire enough people, they might have to pay some fines.

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✅ Fact Checked on January 15, 2024 by Ken Weaver