The North Carolina Lottery is working on a big project. They want to start letting people bet on sports games. To do this, they’re getting help from a group called Gaming Laboratories International, or GLI for short. This group knows a lot about games and North Carolina sports betting. They’re going to work on making rules, deciding who can run these North Carolina sports betting apps, checking that everything is safe, and making sure no one is cheating.

Here’s what’s happening in North Carolina: right now, if you want to bet on sports, you can only do it at special places called casino sportsbooks, and only if they’re on tribal lands. But there’s a new law that says this is going to change. The law, called House Bill 347, was signed by the governor, Roy Cooper, in June. Because of this law, there will soon be North Carolina sports betting apps that let you bet on sports anywhere in the state. The Lottery has to pick up to 12 online North Carolina sports betting companies to let them work in North Carolina. The law also says that sports teams and other sports places can have their own betting spots.

North Carolina sports betting isn’t starting right away, though. The law says it has to be ready by June 14, 2024, but it can’t start before January 8, 2024. The Lottery folks have been planning how to make this all work. They even hired a guy named Sterl Carpenter who knows a lot about North Carolina sports betting because he used to work for the Massachusetts Gaming Commission. Now he’s going to help North Carolina.

While they’re planning the North Carolina sports betting, the Lottery is also thinking about starting online games where you can win money, like the lottery games you can play now, but on the internet. They really want to get the North Carolina sports betting ready as fast as they can do it right. Right now, North Carolina sports betting companies can’t apply to be part of this yet. But the Lottery is getting things ready for when they can.

The Lottery also said they need a fancy computer system that lets North Carolina sports betting companies apply online and helps take care of everything they need to do to keep their permission to run betting games. They’re looking for people who can make this system and they have to say if they can do it by next Wednesday.

North Carolina is joining some other states like Massachusetts, Vermont, and Kentucky. These states also asked GLI to help them with starting North Carolina sports betting. Massachusetts already started theirs this year, and Kentucky is getting theirs ready in September.

In North Carolina, there are lots of sports fans and North Carolina sports betting guides for different teams and games. These guides give advice on how to bet on college basketball games, like the big rivalry between Duke and UNC, or on NFL games, like the Carolina Panthers. They also tell you about the odds, which are like the chances that a team will win, or a player, like Drake Maye, will do something great. And you can learn about North Carolina sports betting on the NBA, like the Charlotte Hornets, or the NHL’s Carolina Hurricanes, or even NASCAR racing.

Plus, there are a lot of special North Carolina sportsbook promos and codes you can use for betting promos. These codes give you bonuses or special deals when you bet. There are lots of them, like the BetMGM North Carolina bonus code, ESPN BET, Caesars Sportsbook, and others. And if you want to bet on your phone, there will be North Carolina sports betting apps for that too.

There are also casinos in North Carolina, like Harrah’s Cherokee Casino Resort and Harrah’s Cherokee Valley River, and a new one called Catawba Two Kings.

In other news, the Lottery is also looking at what North Carolina people think about North Carolina sports betting. They did a survey to find out. And there are odds being talked about for Nikki Haley, who’s a political figure.

Oh, and if you win money from North Carolina sports betting, there’s something called a Gambling Winnings Tax Calculator. This can help you figure out how much tax you have to pay on the money you win.

So, that’s the news about North Carolina sports betting in North Carolina. They’re getting things set up and with GLI’s help, it seems like they’re going to do a good job. Soon, if you live in North Carolina and you like sports, you might be able to bet on your favorite teams right from your phone. But remember, this won’t start until at least January 2024, and it has to be all ready by June of that year. Keep an eye out for more updates as they come!

✅ Fact Checked on January 27, 2024 by Ken Weaver