With the increasing emphasis of sports leagues on gambling regulations GambleID aims to assist pro athletes in staying compliant with the latest rules and guidelines.

Throughout this year we have witnessed multiple instances where professional athletes have faced suspensions due to their involvement in gambling activities. The NFL suspended five members of the Detroit Lions leading to three of them being released by the team after their suspensions. Similarly three players from the Colts also received suspensions for gambling incidents.

In 2023 the NFL has taken disciplinary action against ten players for violating gambling regulations, which marks a significant increase compared to previous years.

North Carolina sports betting in particular is gaining popularity at a rate. It has become more accessible than before with players being able to place wagers conveniently through their smartphones.

However this increasing accessibility also poses challenges when it comes to determining where athletes can place bets and what they are allowed to gamble on. Each league and state imposes its set of rules. This is where GambleID steps in.

According to Trés Garner, Director of Communication at GambleID; “GambleID plans to revolutionize the gaming industry through its AI powered solution that focuses on customer compliance and payments.”

Lets delve deeper into what this company offers and how it can prove beneficial, for professional sports teams and athletes based in North Carolina.

What is the purpose of GambleID. How does its technology function? The main objective of GambleID is to provide advanced rules logic solution in order to ensure the protection of gamblers.

GambleID offers services including compliance management, player identity verification, as well as location and payment solutions. As stated in a release GambleID has a player count exceeding 33 million.

For instance GambleID utilizes than 40 different systems for geo location and device reputation to accurately determine the exact location of each player. This feature proves beneficial for gamblers, professional athletes who need to adhere to their respective leagues regulations.

Taking the NFL as an example players are allowed to place North Carolina sports bets long as they are not betting on an NFL game. However they are prohibited from placing bets from their team or league facilities. Additionally they cannot engage in betting while traveling with their teams.

Jameson Williams, one of the Lions players who faced suspension mentioned that he was unaware of the location rule regarding North Carolina sports betting. Although he didn’t bet on an NFL game he made his wager from a Detroit facility which resulted in consequences.

“It caught me off guard and it caught other players both within my team and, across the league by surprise ” expressed Williams. “I didn’t know about this situation.”

Technological advancements, like what GambleID offers could have prevented this problem. Hopefully will continue to do so once online North Carolina sports betting is launched in North Carolina next year.

According to Garner GambleID boasts the following features;

  • Direct API integrations with gaming operators
  • A database of over 33 million verified customers
  • A proprietary rules engine
  • 20 years of partnerships in the gaming industry

Are there any similar integrity services available for professional athletes?

Prohibet is another company that provides services to GambleID. Prohibet has an existing partnership with UFC. Has also partnered with several collegiate entities such as the American Athletic Conference, Conference USA, Mountain West and the Big 12. Prohibet recently established partnerships with Tipico Sportsbook, Underdog Fantasy and PrizePicks.

Have any professional sports teams from North Carolina joined these efforts?

According to Garner there are sports organizations and gaming operators outside of North Carolina who benefit from GambleIDs technology. Outside of North Carolina there are athletes whose identities have been protected through GambleID; however due to privacy standards their names cannot be disclosed.

The recent suspensions of players from the Lions serve as an example highlighting the importance of promoting awareness, about the leagues sports betting regulations. If the players were aware or had some form of technology that prevented them from placing North Carolina sports bets based on their location the situation would have been different.

The technology offered by GambleID could be extremely useful for players on the Carolina Panthers. The team wouldn’t want to risk losing players due to suspensions resulting from gambling against the leagues policies. Fortunately with GambleID this wouldn’t even be a concern in the place. Other professional teams in North Carolina such, as the Charlotte Hornets or Carolina Hurricanes could also benefit greatly from utilizing GambleIDs services. Users will expect to see North Carolina sportsbook promos and details on the BetMGM North Carolina bonus code as sports betting expands in the state.

✅ Fact Checked on January 17, 2024 by Ken Weaver