The attempt to legalize online North Carolina sports betting fell short last month.

However the effort could have gained momentum if sportsbooks hadn’t waited until the last minute to rally their customer base.

On June 26 DraftKings sent an email to its North Carolina customers encouraging them to reach out to lawmakers and show their support for mobile North Carolina sports betting legislation.

But there was a problem; the lawmakers had already rejected the North Carolina sports betting legislation four days earlier resulting in the bill being scrapped.

It seems that the push for NC sports betting came too little late.

The email from DraftKings stated;

“Have you heard? Lawmakers in North Carolina have a chance to bring mobile North Carolina sports betting to our state!. We need your help right now for it to become a reality.

We’re a couple of months away from another football season and yet North Carolina still doesn’t offer mobile North Carolina sports betting. Meanwhile other states like Virginia and Tennessee have already embraced mobile North Carolina sports betting apps options for their fans.

This means that by not allowing mobile North Carolina sports betting here, in North Carolina we’re missing out on millions of dollars. Instead that money will go into the pockets of operators and other states where its legal.

It’s time for us to take action!”Make sure to reach out to your North Carolina legislators and express your urgency for the legalization of mobile North Carolina sports betting in the state.

Unfortunately representatives from DraftKings did not provide any comments when approached by us.

It seems that other major sportsbooks fell short in their efforts well. According to North Carolina account holders they didn’t even send out activation emails.

NC Senate Bill 688 came agonizingly close to passing with a vote of 51 50. Its disheartening to think that a more fan involvement could have made all the difference.

Dennis Justice, an observer of the sports betting industry and a candidate for NC House expressed his disappointment saying that simply sending emails would have been a crucial move.

Fortunately there are currently betting options available at two tribal owned Harrahs casinos in North Carolina, where you can find a retail Caesars Sportsbook.

Despite the setback this year it’s possible that mobile sports betting in NC would have faced challenges regardless. Justice pointed out that industry lobbyists were ill prepared for political dynamics and underestimated the significance of debates surrounding college betting within the state.

It’s important for sportsbooks to learn from experiences and ensure better organization moving forward if they want to seize future expansion opportunities in the US.In January FanDuel and DraftKings were unable to gather the required 900,000 verified signatures to include a sports betting question on Floridas ballot.

Although the operators collected a number of signatures they did not allow sufficient time for the state to verify them.

These failures hold significance as the competition for North Carolina sports betting in California approaches.

Online sportsbooks encounter opposition backed by substantial financial resources and political influence.

Will the industry take lessons from its experiences or continue repeating similar errors? Users will expect to see North Carolina sportsbook promos and details on the DraftKings North Carolina promo code as sports betting expands in the state.

✅ Fact Checked on January 27, 2024 by Ken Weaver