Duke University has gained a reputation for its track record of nurturing basketball players who go on to join the NBA. As the NBA Draft for 2023 approaches, there is interest in identifying the colleges that have produced the most NBA players in the past five years.

Amongst all schools, only the University of Kentucky has outperformed Duke in this regard over the five years. Kentucky has notably sent players who spend just one year in college before transitioning to the NBA. While Duke also follows this trend, they closely trail behind as a contender.

Since Coach K’s tenure began at Duke in 1980, a remarkable total of 73 Duke players have been selected by NBA teams. This year, two talented individuals from Duke, Dariq Whitehead and Dereck Lively II, are expected to be chosen during the draft’s rounds. Notably, they will be among the players from Duke to enter the NBA without having been coached directly by Coach K since his arrival at Duke.

Kentucky may also see two of their players, Cason Wallace and Chris Livingston, being picked during the first round. Although it is widely anticipated that Victor Wembanyama will secure San Antonio Spurs’ top pick, there is excitement surrounding subsequent selections for those who enjoy speculating on draft outcomes.

When we examine the “win shares” over the past five years, which is a measure of a player’s contribution to their NBA team’s success, Kentucky’s players have accumulated a total of 121.1 win shares. On the other hand, Duke’s players have amassed 95.5 win shares. This implies that Kentucky’s players have made an impact in helping their teams secure victories, although Duke has produced more NBA-bound players during this period.

Among Duke’s NBA alums are Wendell Carter Jr., who was selected as the seventh overall pick by the Chicago Bulls in 2018, and Zion Williamson, who was chosen as the top pick by the New Orleans Pelicans in 2019. Despite playing time due to injuries, Zion has become a prominent star in the NBA. There are discussions about him potentially relocating to the Charlotte Hornets, which would undoubtedly be significant news for basketball enthusiasts in North Carolina.

Other Duke players who are thriving in the NBA include Gary Trent Jr. and RJ Barrett, both of whom log minutes for their respective teams; Trent with the Toronto Raptors and Barrett with the New York Knicks. Moreover, Paolo Banchero, who held the position last year and clinched the NBA Rookie of the Year accolade, has been included in the list due to his exceptional debut season with the Orlando Magic.

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In all, Duke University undeniably stands out as one of the premier choices for aspiring basketball players aiming to make it to the NBA. With their track record of player development and success in drafts, Duke continues to dominate college basketball as a powerhouse institution.

✅ Fact Checked on January 15, 2024 by Ken Weaver