Last year didn’t end well for Duke and North Carolina in college basketball. But, good news is on the way for 2023. Both teams are looking strong and have lots of fans excited.

Duke and North Carolina are two of the best teams people think will win the national championship in 2023. Duke is extra special because they have the best new players coming from high school. There’s a really good player named Dereck Lively who’s one of these new guys. North Carolina also has great new players, like Jalen Washington who is super talented.

Even though Duke will have a new coach, Jon Scheyer, instead of their famous coach Mike Krzyzewski, they’re still expected to do really well. North Carolina’s coach, Hubert Davis, did a great job last season. He helped the team get to the big championship game for the first time in five years.

Here’s what some betting places think about who might win the championship in 2023:

  • Duke: +800 (This means if you bet $100, you could win $800 if Duke wins)
  • Kentucky: +1000
  • Arkansas: +1000
  • Gonzaga: +1200
  • Kansas: +1200
  • Baylor: +1400
  • North Carolina: +1400
  • UCLA: +1400
  • Villanova: +1600
  • Lots of other teams have different chances too

Duke is the top favorite at one betting place, DraftKings, where their chance is +900. This means they’re really expected to win. But other betting places have different ideas about which team is the favorite. North Carolina’s best chance to win is at DraftKings too, where it’s +1100.

So, what makes these teams so good? Duke has signed up five new young players, and North Carolina has four. Duke has some really standout players, including two amazing centers and other talented players. North Carolina has two centers in their new group, as well as a point guard and a power forward.

Both teams might also get more players who have already played in college but want to switch schools. This could make their teams even better. And of course, some players might leave for the NBA, but that’s normal every year.

In North Carolina, people can bet on games at two places: Harrah’s Cherokee Casino Resort and Harrah’s Cherokee Valley River Casino. They’re both far away from the city of Asheville. There’s a chance that soon people could also bet on games using their phones with North Carolina sports betting apps. That would be just in time for the Final Four basketball games next year. Additionally, with the introduction of online sports betting, fans can look forward to North Carolina sports betting promos and even use a BetMGM North Carolina bonus code for added benefits.

So, even if you don’t usually watch college basketball, keep your eyes on Duke and North Carolina in 2023. They have new talent and are ready to show everyone what they can do on the basketball court!

✅ Fact Checked on January 27, 2024 by Ken Weaver