North Carolina’s Governor, Roy Cooper, thinks that a new law might be made soon that allows people to bet on sports online. Last year, they tried to pass a law like this, but it didn’t work out because it was one vote short in the House of Representatives. Now, proponents of the law are hoping that it will be brought up again soon.

In North Carolina, you can only bet on sports at certain places owned by Native American tribes. These places are the Harrah’s Cherokee Casino Resort, Harrah’s Cherokee Valley River, and the Catawba Two Kings Casino. But if the new law for online betting gets passed, you could bet from your phone or computer with big companies like BetMGM, DraftKings, FanDuel, and Caesars.

The Governor talked about this at a hockey game where the Carolina Hurricanes played. He said that he’s working on making a fair law that helps the state and the schools by using the money that comes from betting.

Even though some people don’t like gambling, a survey showed that most people in North Carolina wouldn’t mind if their lawmakers made online sports betting legal. More than half of the people said they didn’t care about a politician’s views on betting when deciding to vote for them. What really matters to them is how the extra money from gambling can help with different things that are important to them.

If online sports betting starts in North Carolina, there will be special promos and codes, like the BetMGM North Carolina bonus code, that give you good deals when you start using these betting apps. These North Carolina sports betting promos are for different betting websites and apps. You can use these codes to get free stuff or extra money when you bet.

North Carolina also has apps for betting and casinos where you can go and play games in person. The two casinos run by the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians are in the western part of the state. The Catawba Two Kings Casino is near Charlotte.

The survey that asked about sports betting was done by a company in Raleigh that does polls and helps with making decisions and understanding policies. They are called Differentiators.

In other news, the Carolina Panthers are looking for a new head coach, and there are bets on who it might be. There’s also talk about how teams do after a season where none of their players were picked for the Pro Bowl.

The North Carolina Lottery says that it’s up to the betting operators to decide when sports betting will start. So, keep an eye out for more updates on this topic, including the launch of North Carolina sports betting apps and the availability of various North Carolina sports betting promos.

Remember, if you’re going to bet, do it responsibly, and if you need help with gambling problems, there are places you can go to for support. The introduction of regulated online sports betting in North Carolina could open up new opportunities for sports enthusiasts and provide additional revenue streams for the state, all while ensuring responsible gaming practices are adhered to.

✅ Fact Checked on January 27, 2024 by Ken Weaver