College basketball holds a special place in the hearts of North Carolina residents, with teams like the North Carolina Tar Heels (UNC) and the Duke Blue Devils being particularly prominent. It’s fascinating how these two teams, despite being only 11 miles apart, have managed to build such passionate fan bases. Recently, we conducted an analysis to determine the top-tier college basketball teams. we evaluated their performance in tournaments and their ability to recruit new players.

To be recognized as one of the teams known as “blue bloods,” a minimum of 35 points is required. These points are earned through achievements, such as winning the national championship (10 points), reaching the final game (5 points), making it to the Final Four (4 points), participating in the NCAA Tournament (1 point), and having one of the top 25 new players on their roster each year (1 point, for each player). Here’s how the top teams performed:

Blue Bloods:

  • UNC scored 57 points.
  • Villanova scored 55 points.
  • Kansas scored 53 points.
  • Kentucky scored 51 points.
  • Duke scored 42 points.
  • Louisville scored 36 points.

Skilled Teams:

  • Michigan scored 32 points.
  • Gonzaga scored 32 points.
  • Virginia scored 31 points.
  • Baylor scored 30 points.
  • UConn scored 28 points.
  • Michigan State scored 24 points.
  • Wisconsin achieved a score of 22, while Syracuse earned 19 points.

UNC has shown impressive performance. They have been participants in the tournament since 2012, except for the unfortunate cancellation in 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic. They have emerged as champions before and came close to winning in both 2016 and 2022. With the departure of some key players, they have continued to excel. Coach Roy Williams led them during their 2017 campaign and retired in 2021. Hubert Davis, an assistant under Coach Williams, took over and guided them to the final game in 2022.

UNC tops the list because they consistently recruit top players. Since 2011, they have consistently assembled a group of players ranked among the top 25 almost every year. Villanova is also a strong contender, despite not recruiting as many top players.

Duke University has had its share of ups and downs, performing quite impressively overall. They have achieved victories and even made it to the Final Four on two occasions since 2011. However, in terms of conference championships, they fall slightly behind rivals UNC and Virginia. Duke’s triumph in 2015 was particularly notable, thanks to a group of newcomers who brought them the championship title. Duke has gained recognition for recruiting players who spend one year before turning professional, a strategy that has brought them both attention and success. Although their track record is generally solid, there have been unexpected losses during tournaments.

Consistently, Duke manages to assemble a roster of top players almost every year. They have produced athletes like Zion Williamson and Jayson Tatum. Despite their strong performance, they have also faced surprising defeats in tournaments and missed opportunities during certain seasons.

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Speaking of college basketball, there is always a buzz surrounding both UNC and Duke. Both teams have a rich history and are supported by enthusiastic fans who eagerly follow their games. It’s truly exciting to witness the rivalry and see which team will come out on top each year!

✅ Fact Checked on January 16, 2024 by Ken Weaver