Last season wasn’t the greatest for Carolina Panthers supporters. They ranked as the least satisfied fans in the entire National Football League (NFL). However, there is reason for optimism! The Panthers now have a new coach, and they find themselves in a division without the renowned quarterback Tom Brady. Additionally, they hold a high pick in this month’s NFL Draft, giving their fans good reason to hope for brighter days.

The team faced challenges, with only seven wins and ten losses. At the start of the season, Coach Matt Rhule was released after guiding the team to one victory and four defeats. Steve Wilks took over as interim coach and managed to secure six wins while experiencing six losses. Despite his efforts, fans were truly disappointed throughout the season.

We conducted a survey to gauge how NFL games affected fan happiness or sadness. They interviewed 2,000 NFL fans from various locations, age groups, and genders. Fans were asked to rate their level of happiness or sadness when their team won or lost. The Panthers’ fanbase displayed the lowest level of happiness, with a score of 6.62 out of 10. Their satisfaction levels were only slightly lower than those of Arizona Cardinals and New Orleans Saints fans.

The upcoming season was anticipated to be filled with excitement thanks to star player Christian McCaffrey and the new quarterback Baker Mayfield. However, their time on the field together was limited to just five games. Mayfield saw limited playing time after Rhule lost his job as coach, and McCaffrey was traded to another team. Additionally, there was an incident involving Robbie Anderson during a game that led to his trade.

Nevertheless, there is a glimmer of hope amidst these challenges. Despite the team’s underperformance, they still had a chance due to the struggles faced by other teams in their division. Moreover, David Tepper, the Panthers’ owner, made a strategic move in the draft, aiming to discover an exceptional new quarterback who can fill the void left since Cam Newton’s departure.

The Panthers hold hopes that with their new coach Frank Reich leading them forward, they won’t find themselves at the bottom of the happiness meter after this upcoming NFL season. Although people in North Carolina currently cannot place bets on their phones or through online platforms yet, they eagerly anticipate the arrival of North Carolina sports betting apps and the various North Carolina sports betting promos that could accompany them, including offers from platforms like BetMGM North Carolina.

Determined to improve their performance on the field, the Panthers are putting in the work and striving for more victories. Their fans eagerly await discovering which talented player will be chosen by the Panthers in the draft. They believe this player has the potential to become a star and significantly contribute to the team’s success.

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Despite the challenges faced in the past season, Panthers supporters have numerous reasons to be optimistic. With a new coach at the helm and a valuable draft pick, there is potential for a turnaround in the team’s fortunes. Fans are eagerly anticipating supporting the Panthers and looking forward to an exciting season ahead.

✅ Fact Checked on January 15, 2024 by Ken Weaver