The Charlotte Hornets have a big choice to make for the upcoming NBA Draft. They get to choose second, which is super important, but they also get another chance to pick a player later on with the 27th pick. This year’s draft is drawing significant attention, especially with the increasing interest in North Carolina sports betting. Fans and bettors alike are keen to see how the Hornets’ choices will impact their odds in the upcoming season, with many keeping a close eye on North Carolina sports betting apps for the latest updates.

When you think about the NBA Draft, being the first to choose a player sounds awesome, right? But history tells us it’s not always the best. In the past 13 years, the third pick turned out to be better than the second. In fact, some research found that even the 15th pick has sometimes brought more star power to teams than the second one. This unpredictability makes the draft an exciting event for followers of BetMGM North Carolina and other betting platforms, who are eagerly looking out for potential North Carolina sports betting promos based on draft outcomes.

There have been some amazing players chosen later in the draft. Giannis Antetokounmpo was the 15th pick in 2013, and Jimmy Butler was the 30th pick back in 2011. Rudy Gobert, who is a big deal in basketball, was picked at number 27, the same spot where the Hornets will be picking this year.

When it comes to the number 2 pick, the Hornets might pick Scoot Henderson or Brandon Miller, or they could trade the pick. Some past number 2 picks have done really well, like Ja Morant who was chosen in 2019. But it’s not a sure thing, as injuries and other problems have made it hard for some players picked at number 2 to do great in the league. Some really famous players like James Harden and Joel Embiid were picked third. Last year, someone picked third was Jabari Smith Jr., and he could end up being awesome too.

Now, back to the 27th pick where the Hornets will choose. The good news is that a lot of players picked at number 27 turned out to be pretty good at basketball. After Rudy Gobert got picked, other players like Bogdan Bogdanovic and Pascal Siakam were also chosen at 27, and they’ve done great in the NBA.

But it’s not always about being number one. Sometimes, the very first pick in the draft doesn’t turn out to be the best player. For example, folks from the Philadelphia 76ers are probably still upset about picking Ben Simmons and Markelle Fultz first in recent years. And some first picks like Andrea Bargnani and Anthony Bennett didn’t become as famous as people thought they would.

So, even though experts can guess who the best players will be, they are wrong sometimes. Lots of great players will be picked in the draft, but they might not be picked in the order we expect. This uncertainty is what makes sports betting in North Carolina so intriguing, as fans use apps and promos to try and predict the outcomes of these crucial decisions.

✅ Fact Checked on January 15, 2024 by Ken Weaver