Last year, Duke’s football team did really well – they won nine games! Coach Elko and his team are working hard to show everyone that they can do just as good, if not better, this year. Some people aren’t sure if Duke can keep winning like this since the last time they did so well was back in 2013. With the rise of North Carolina sports betting, fans are more engaged than ever in the team’s prospects.

This year is the second year for Coach Elko, and the team will start off with a big challenge. They’re going to play against Clemson, who are really strong, at their own stadium in early September. Even though Duke beat UCF last season with a score of 30-13 at the Military Bowl, people are still wondering if they can keep up the good work this year, with many turning to North Carolina sports betting apps to place their bets.

We share the possible outcomes for Duke’s games this season, giving us a look at how well they might do. We say there’s a chance Duke could end up winning seven games, or maybe six, or even eight. But winning nine games like last year or more? That’s less likely, they say.

The odds, which show what might happen, come from DraftKings, and here’s what they look like:

  • Seven wins: +275 (which means there’s a 26.7% chance)
  • Six wins: +315 (24.1% chance)
  • Eight wins: +450 (18.2% chance)
  • Five wins: +450 (also 18.2% chance)
  • Nine wins: +900 (10% chance)
  • Any other number of wins: +1200 (7.7% chance)

This means that Duke is sort of in the middle when people guess who might win the ACC (that’s their football conference). Two places where you can bet on sports once they’re open in North Carolina, including platforms like BetMGM North Carolina, put Duke in eighth place out of 14 teams. Caesars Sportsbook is one of them, and they have a special bet where you can guess whether Duke will win more or less than six games. If you think they’ll win more, the bet is at -155, but if you think they’ll win less, the bet is at +125.

Duke’s schedule has some games they might win, like against Lafayette who isn’t a really big school, and also against Northwestern and UConn, who didn’t do so great last year. Then they get to play against a very good team, Notre Dame. After that, they have a break before playing NC State. If Duke manages to surprise everyone and win against Clemson in the first game, they could be doing really well before they even reach the middle of the season, a scenario that could generate considerable interest in North Carolina sportsbook promos.

The biggest challenge for Duke will come later in the year when they have some tough games. They’ll play against teams like Wake Forest and Pitt at home, and then they’ll travel to play against Florida State, Louisville, UNC, and Virginia.

To wrap up, Duke’s football team is getting ready for a new season and people are wondering if they can win just as many, or even more games than they did last year. It’s going to be an exciting season with lots of chances for the team to show what they can do, and for fans in North Carolina, the excitement is only heightened by the opportunities to engage in North Carolina sports betting, both through apps and at venues.

✅ Fact Checked on January 27, 2024 by Ken Weaver